Menu Plan Monday 5/23 - 5/29

Well, it's another Manic Monday Menu Plan ... I've been a little lazy lately in the planning as Hubby was out last week (Kansas!) and I've also been fairly busy at work ... so we've pretty much fended for ourselves the past week. BUT now I'm back ... Be sure to check over here and here for what we had for dinner on Saturday with some friends. The steaks were awesome and I know it's because of the marinade. Delicious! Breakfast are pretty much the same day in and day out (hubby has cheereos, sonny boy has eggs & bagel & his glass of Carnation & I usually have scrambled eggs. Princess, uh, I have NO idea what she eats in the morning, probably nothing, or cookies). Lunches are usually leftovers for hubby, I made a daily salad and/or leftovers (depending on how appealing I can get the salad). Princess, again, is on her own, and Sonny boy either grabs a pb sandwich with a protein bar & gatorade or grabs something at the school cafeteria. So here's the plan ... the days don't really mean a whole lot, other than to remind me that oh, it's Thursday, favorite tv night, etc. Sunday shrimp alfredo - originally taken from here but modified with much more seasonings! If you really want to see it pop on over to my recipe site Monday tacos - FYI - not really a recipe, I use package stuff, but just a break down of stuff we use. Tuesday pot roast (crockpot) - check back for a recipe Wednesday chicken and rice Thursday leftovers OR sandwiches, chips and coleslaw Friday would like to make these little fish pouches but I don't know .... Saturday chops (although, it's memorial day weekend and we have been thinking of letting the kids invite friends over to do a bbq this weekend instead of entertaining adults ... which could definately change this)


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