Menu Plan Monday - 10/18

It's another Manic Monday ... time to Menu Plan with Organzing Junkie! I am always amazed that there are over 300 different bloggers posting their weekly menu plan! I find some great recipes this way, and then some not so great ... but that's the way it goes folks! Gotta try them!

As it stands, not really seeing anything interfering with a decent week. Even though it is Tuesday and I'm still dealing with a headache so it's obviously not from the Prickly Pear ... more of a sinus issue I'm believing...

I also kept thinking that this week was my anniversary but nope, next week ... geesh, I need to really get a grip here! :)

And I'm still on my quest to clean out the freezers. I make progress, and then I buy 6 pks of frozen waffles (which who would have thought they still take that much room out of the box!!??) ... I am making progress, just not as much as I'd like ... going to try and avoid and real grocery shopping this week ... I've got coffee (b1g1f with $2 coupons) and cream and squishy white bread to buy and that's about it ... oh and cilantro if I make the rice ...

Sunday - McDonalds 49 cent burgers and 2 large fries for the big guys (under $10 for the 4 of us, perfect for those major headache, please don't make me slave over a kitchen stove nights)

Monday - Chicken Parmesan, easy lazy mom way

Tuesday - Chili Cheese grilled hot dogs with potato salad (hubby had made salad the other day so hopefully this will use it up!)

Wednesday - Skinny Tuna Melt (you gotta check out this site, beautiful pictures with WW points if you are doing!)

Thursday - I would like to do this Ropa Vieja stuff along with this awesome sounding Cilantro Rice to make rice bowls, but somehow think I will probably end up grilling the chicken instead. Lets see how I feel on Thursday morning! It IS a crock pot meal so really, I think I should give it a big shot!

Friday - friends or grilling something (or even out, whatever we arent' doing tomorrow night!) ... maybe even leftovers?

Saturday - friends or grilling something (or even out, whatever we didn't do last night!)


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