Prickly Pear Margaritas

Sorry, there is NO recipe. But a few things that I've discovered.

My girlfriend and I met up at Canyons on Friday night since Rocco Taco's wasn't open yet ...

We both agreed and committed to two Margaritas and that would be it. No more. In an effort to keep the evening cheaper and to not be there LATE and to keep the headache / hangover minimal ...

What a JOKE!

They are famous for their prickly pear  margaritas. How funny. I take my first sip and say "ummmm, that's GOOD." another sip and "ummm That's REAL good".  It got to be a joke watching others take their first sip, we'd sit back and observe and sure enough "ummm, that's good" and a little smacking of the lips! These things are delicious.

Unfortunately (or maybe it should be fortunately), they have happy hour, 2 for one on the girls. Ack. So we had 4 which was really just two rounds.

And we had our tab picked up (thanks Bill!).

And we had one sexy female bartender. And then the HUNKY guy came to tend bar ... and then he told us he also works at Ruth Chris, and a few other places, which of course, I do not remember now, because this was around the end of #3 or #4 (honestly, I do not remember #4 arriving but it did). 

I got home at about 9ish to a houseful of people adn hubby making burgers. Sweet! 

Made the fatal mistake though of having 2 regular margaritas at home.

Ummm...major hangover.

Headache - check
Queasiness - check
Puke - check (should not have had that half cup coffee ... thankfully once was enough)
Weak all day - check

So it's Sunday. I still have a major headache but not the same as it was, now it's from the weather (rainy, windy) ... but shame on me for not sticking to my agreement of 2.  Have not talked to girlfriend YET but will call her later today :)


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