Chicken Parmesan, the lazy mom's way!

Uh yeah, you can make gourmet type meals for your family in less than 30 minutes (insert the Rachel annoying giggle here) ... even better when you are desperate to remove that one last bag of frozen chicken nuggets to make room for the ice cream!

Linguine or any other pasta, cook the whole box while your at it, that way you can have leftovers!
Frozen chicken nuggets. Might as well bake them all too ... great for snacking.
Jar of spaghetti sauce, heated in saucepan with a little extra garlic and italian seasonings. If you are feeling real chef-y like, add in some of that powder Parmesan cheese ...
Shredded mozzarella cheese (ok if you forgot to get it out earlier and it's still frozen, smack it against the countertop to break up!)

Once all is heated (cooked), place a layer of noodles in bottom of oven proof dish (I use an 8x8 pan). Then top with chicken nuggets. Top with a liberal amount of sauce. Top with a nice layer of mozzarella.

Broil in oven til cheese is bubbly and melting, starting to brown a bit. Whatever you do, do NOT walk away from it ... trust me!

If you were really planning (been hanging out at the Menu Plan Monday forum have ya?) then butter up a half of italian/french bread and broil that too to serve alongside!

Dish it up using a LARGE soup ladle and a fork to help get the noodles out :) ... enjoy all the oohs and ahhhs.


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