Menu Plan Monday - 2 week plan again!

We got back from Fort Leonardwood on Friday and were just plain exhausted. It was so very nice to be back home, sunshine and hot air. It was drizzly rain & no matter what time of day, 45 degrees the 3 days we were there. No wonder the state is nicknamed "misery". Princess and about 150 other soldiers were put on greyhound buses and bussed to Fort Huachuca AZ ... talk about a LONG ride. Whew. But she got some great pictures, such as the Walmart in Roswell NM, instead of the smiley face outside, it was an alien face. Funny. And I am so very pround of that girl, she is amazing in what she's accomplished so far! Anyways, back to the menu:

Friday - ordered pizza. Really planned to make SOMETHING but just didnt' happen that way
Saturday - friends over, made blackened chicken sandwiches
Sunday - planning on chili for our first cold front but most likely to be a fryer night
Monday - black bean soup & cheesy quesidillas
Tuesday - chili cheese dogs with fries
Wednesday - leftovers or salad & sandwich
Thursday - spaghetti & garlic bread

Friday - cuban pork roast with black beans & rice
Saturday - out or with friends
Sunday - lasagna
Monday - soup & sandwiches
Tuesday - mini meatloaves & crashed taters
Wednesday - leftovers
Thursday - burgers & shark fries

And then it's Halloween time! Woohoo! My favorite holiday & then the rest of the year comes crashing to an end for me (I dread November & December) ... oh well, deal with it, right??

And if you are looking for some more ideas for menus & recipes check out here


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