A New Toy

Which hubby insist is frugal in the long run ... We got a Cuisinart small fryer. $49.99. Used by 20% off coupon & got it for $42 after tax. Used my gift card from work which essentially made it free. We've been wanting one but didn't want a big bulky one but also wanted one with a temperature control. I then spent $15 on a gallon of peanut oil and if you fry alot with a fryer, I highly recommend it. I just strain it with my fine mesh strainer & put in jar for next use. I suppose I will know when it's too 'dirty' to reuse any longer. We made mozzarello sticks. Steak fries. Regular fries. Onion rings. Stuffed shrooms. All from the frozen food section. Told hubby and sonny boy that we were going to make it from scratch from here on out. So dinner plans were rearranged a bit. Saturday was still steak but no taters as we had lots of appetizers. Sunday we had burgers and fries. Yummy.


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