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Whee ... I'm entering in to WEEK 2 of single girl status!

Ok, again, not really. I'm still married to Hubby but he's up in Indiana indefinitely taking care of some business.  Oh, yeah, and the Boy and the cats are still here too ... so single girl status is far from accurate!

What I do mean though is that I get to cook the way I want to ... the Boy is vegetarian and eats odd stuff at even odder times so it's just me!

Normally that would mean an abundance of avocados, mangos and steak salad ... but not this time around.  This time, I'm trying to be very mindful and keep a clean meal plan ... not quite Whole30 or Paleo but pretty close ;-)

I bought a LOT of stuff last week so I should be good to go without any side trips ... although I am sad that I'm out of the Chameleon Vanilla Cold Brewed Coffee Concentrate ... may make the Boy but it this time since he drinks quite a bit of it as well ... otherwise, I have no intention of stepping foot in a store this week ...

Meal Prepping makes me thirsty!

Here's the plan ... I'm attempting to make all three meals in advance with hopes that this will eliminate the daily excuse of WHY I can't go to the gym! always, things are likely to get mixed up ... I've never planned all THREE meals before so it will be interesting how much I stay on schedule!

I was able to make the following things and they are packaged and ready to grab and go:

2 batches of yummy beef and bacon BBQ with green beans and riced cauliflower
2 Kale/Chicken Burgers with green beans and side of guac
2 containers leftover fajitas with tortilla shells and a side of guac
4 containers of bacon and eggs ... need a veggie still which most likely be the asian cabbage blend

Saturday - took the Boy and his girl out to mexican - La Bamba! Had a few margaritas, lots of chips, salsa and guac and then my chicken and steak fajitas. Leftover fajitas will be showing up on the meal plan!

Sunday - breakfast was bacon and 2 eggs ... lunch was that bowl of yummy beef and bacon you see above (recipe coming Wednesday!), dinner was some more leftover fajitas. I used these Siete Tortillas ... *Whole Foods had them on sale for $6.99 a package as opposed to $8.99 ... I would buy them again, ONLY if they were on sale (have 3 other packages stashed in the freezer!)

Monday - breakfast is eggs and bacon with green beans.  Lunch will be the rest of the fajitas with a side of guac. Dinner ... hmmm ... probably going for a salad, just because!

Tuesday - breakfast will be a quick protein shake drink (Aldi). Lunch will be a deli lettuce wrap (need to share that soon as well!) with some honey mustard dressing. Dinner will be Thai Pork Salad (smoked pork from freezer and will use the Asian Salad Mix from Costco)

Wednesday - breakfast will be eggs and bacon with some sliced cukes. Lunch will be one of these chicken burgers (Costco) with green beans and a side of guac. Dinner will be another dish of that awesome beef & bacon bbq stuff ... yummm. I'll have it with some riced cauliflower!

Thursday - breakfast will be a protein shake. Lunch will be another round of the Thai Pork Salad and dinner ... well, dinner I just don't know at this time while I type this but probably will be the last container of the yummy beef and bacon stuff ...

Friday - I'm mixing it up and going for one of those chicken burgers (Costco) with green beans and a side of guac. Lunch will be a salad with some honey mustard dressing and dinner will be ... BLT Boats! Yes, that's what I'm aiming to make this evening!

What are you planning for the week ahead?

Looking forward to sharing with some of these GREAT Parties ... go check them out!

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  1. Just even having a plan is helpful, but meals made ahead definitely help.

  2. Thanks for sharing at the What's for Dinner Party!

  3. thank you for offering some alternative ideas to what we have been serving.
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