Grocery Shops in Review

Well, I survived my first week with single girl status. It was fine!

Ok, maybe I wasn't totally single ... I'm still married to Hubby, he's just in Indiana ... the Boy is still here and the cats too.  It's kind of nice in that the Boy and I did a few things, such as watched Suicide Squad (!!??) and then did a few grocery shops together ... how nice!

First stop:

Aldi June13, 2017
Total Spent - $82.72
Purpose of shop was for some veggies and protein to get me through the week.  Guess which things were for the Boy? He offered to pay for his own stuff and I just gave him that look. Just buy me a margarita kid!

2 dozen large eggs $.99 each
3 8 oz pkgs of mushrooms $1.29 each
2 pkgs zucchini $1.69 each
2 containers of butter lettuce $1.69 each
Pineapple Slicer $3.99 *kinda cheesy but the boy wanted it. Even at 24 he can still give me that look and make me cave in
2 bags of shredded hash browns $1.99 each
Cilantro $.99
Organic grape tomatoes $1.99
2 pkgs of skinny stalks of fresh asparagus $2.89 each
Green onions $.99
10 count large burrito wraps $1.99
Bag of seasoned fries $1.89
3 pkgs honey ham $3.29
2 containers of mixed greens $2.49 each
Carton of OJ $1.99
2 seedless cucumbers $1.19 each
2 pkgs b/s chicken thighs $4.67 each
Pineapple $1.29 *gotta have a pineapple to try out the slicer, right?
Kids Krunch cereal $1.59
2 4 pkg chocolate protein shakes $3.19 pkg
Brown Rice $1.49
1 pkg sliced cheese $1.79
Hash brown patties $3.29
Cheese sticks $2.69

Them awesome skinny stalks!

Next up was ...2nd Stop?
Trader Joe's - June 15th, 2017
Total Spent - $64.51!

$2.99 - how could I resist?

Jute Shopping Tote $2.99
2 bottles of Watermelon Cucumber Cooler Juice $3.49 each
3 pk frozen brown rice $2.99
Pepperoni $3.29
4 cartons Joe's Mac & Cheese $2.99
Bag o Shrimp $9.99
4 pk Mahi Mahi burgers $6.99
2 2 pks pizza crust $2.99 each
2 bags riced cauliflower $1.99 each
2 pkgs of fresh green beans $2.69 each (ok, really? Haricots Verts)
1 seedless watermelon $2.99
Another reusable bag $.99

Well, hello Mr. Juicy Juice ... said the small bottle of Patron
Watermelon Margaritas coming soon!

AND THEN ... there was ...
Costco - June 16, 2017
Total Spent - $401.93 less $45.26 rebate AND less $39.99 (overcharge of coffee caught at the door exam)
FYI ... I will never bitch again about having to wait to get out the door after I pay. They caught that the dude scanned my coffee 2 different times. Hey, that was $40!

Paper towel $15.69
24 pk Corona Light (just in case) $25.95
2 dozen hard boiled eggs $6.99
Grey pompon (2 pk) $6.79
Black pepper, fine ground $6.99 (need to take this back, I wanted coarse)
Large bottle Pomegrante juice $8.99 less $2.70
Avocado oil $8.99
Pickle guy (this is an olive and pickle mix that Hubby LOVES) $8.99
12 pk kitchen towels $11.99
Coffee $46.99 less $7
4 pounds bacon $13.99
Pineapple & chix meatballs $12.99
Chicken meatball 3 pk (variety) $12.69
Pineapple chicken sausage $13.69 (I think that's what this is, I need to really check)
Large bag of frozen chicken breast $23.99
Green beans, of course $4.99
6 pk romaine $3.79
Asian chopped salad mix $5.49
10 pk chicken/kale/mozzarella burgers $11.99 (sampled, good and did NOT know they were this much)
3 pks of assorted cheese sampler platters $10.79 each less $3.30 each (good to October?!)
20 pk "caveman" nutrition bars $17.99 (thinking for pre-gym)
12 pk individual guac $11.99
3 pk large guac $12.79
Dishwasher soap $9.99 (tired of hand washing)
Tomatoe mix $6.49
3 pk cucumbers $3.49
25 pk food prep containers $9.59 - having second thoughts after washing, they are not as tight as I had hoped
2 dozen eggs $3.59 x 2 (yes, that's 4 dozen total)

So ... the chicken sausage stuff was ALL spontaneous purchases ... they were doing demos of the Aidele's chicken and I got sucked in ... I only had the mushroom/bacon/cheese one on my list!

The food containers? I'll try them but man, I'm thinking they are flimsy and the lids don't seem to snap on tight real easy (you have to go around the edges all the way around) ... I may just be spoiled from my snap ware? I'll let you know how it goes after I do a little meal prep this weekend!

What about you? How'd your grocery trips go this week? Stick to your budget or did you tap out?

Looking forward to sharing with some of these GREAT Parties ... go check them out!
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  1. We shop at Aldi too. It's good for basics to save money.

  2. My husband loves shopping at Aldi and yes you do save money shopping there. Thanks for linking up and sharing with us at #overthemoon. I've pinned and shared on social media. Have a great day and see you next week!
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

    1. I'd much rather by my veggies at Aldi than our local grocery store most days ... cheaper and a lot of times it looks much fresher! Thanks for coming by!

  3. Looks delicious! Thanks for sharing at the What's for Dinner Party!

  4. sounds like you have a plan up and going and that you have prepared well
    come see us at


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