Menu Plan Week #145 - Whole30 Using What We Have

And ... Week #2 is here for Whole30 ... I think I can do this ... I really do!  I wish Hubby was on with me but he's eating what I make and then some so I guess it's a start ...

We've had a little excitement this past week between Princess being in the hospital and then Hubby's having some serious back issues again (crud, this last round of shots did NOTHING) for him ... to the point where when he went to see Princess on Saturday, he asked how far he was going to need to walk and I was like, crap, maybe you should ask for a handicap hanger for times like this :-( He refuses as he doesn't "need it" but I told him that there are times when he DOES need it ... even today, he's pretty much immobile which really stinks ... I can see how people under pain management can totally abuse and over-medicate themselves now. Keeping a close eye on him so that doesn't happen!


A Costco trip came along, finally, last week ... did you catch that post? I was so excited to see they FINALLY got the Avocado oil that I had to whip my phone out and snap a picture. Because I was on a pretty strict grocery budget I only bought one bottle but now I'm having anxiety that they might have run out by now! Yikes!  That was my ONLY shopping trip this week. Can you believe it??! I can't!  I did hit up Publix this morning on the way to see Princess and spent $70 ... included was 6 packs of LaCroix Sparkling Water which was a terrific buy one get one free deal! 7 of those boxes were 15 count cartons and only the coconut flavored is a 12 pack. Sweet!

Hubby's current zippy car has a super small trunk I think!

There should have been a little meal prep work going on again but nothing as good as last week which hopefully isn't setting me up for failure ;-( ... I only roasted 2 heads of broccoli ... oops.  I will need to saute green beans, boil some eggs and saute some mushrooms. I am going to stick with balsamic vinaigrette this week as I have a little mayo left and don't feel like dealing with the ranch dressing today, even though its easy.  Protein for the week will be a mix of chicken, beef and shrimp ...

Here's what I'm looking to make:

Sunday - Chicken Thighs on the grill ... looking forward to making Damn Fine Chicken. Will offer up roasted broccoli on the side and maybe a salad


Monday -  Looking at something shrimp-y like with hopes the Boy won't be here ;-) ... leaning towards the Island Style Shrimp which I will be re-sharing later this week! Tons of shrimp in the freezer (still) and the balance of ingredients in fridge ... will pick up fresh herbs and radishes at produce store

Tuesday - Taco Tuesday ... the Boy was a little upset we didn't do Taco any day last week ... sorry Kid, it was a rough week! Taco meat already made in freezer, balance of ingredients in pantry and freezers

Wednesday -Cauli-rice with General Tso's Chicken ... no I didn't get around to it last week ... I know! Hoping Princess is home by now! Cauliflower is in the fridge (planned on ricing it on Sunday as part of the meal prep), chicken from freezer

Thursday - Burgers on the grill ... will use some of the turkey burgers (Costco) from the freezer along with a package of sliders that are in there too!  Will also make sweet potato fries to go along. Will have to buy buns for those who insist

Friday - Steaks ... I've got them beautiful T-bones in the freezer still that need to be eaten! Will offer up regular steak fries (I've got some fingerlings to be used up) alongside

Saturday - Brats and Sauerkraut ... Brats are in the freezer and Kraut is in the fridge. I'll skip the kraut as I'm not a fan :-)

This Whole 30 has not been too difficult and I'm glad I'm doing the Menu Board for me and anyone else in the house who cares to review it ;-)

What are YOU planning for the week ahead?

Looking forward to sharing over at Organized Junkie's Menu Plan Monday Party ... go check it out!


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