Menu Plan Week 109 - Using What We Have

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and getting ready for the Monday morning that will be here before you know it ... I really tried to relax over the weekend and do a few things ... I did some of the things I wanted to get done, a few other things that were NOT on the list and then the usual, everyday Sunday Funday things ...

Most importantly? I sat on the dock, in the sun, in a bikini with sunscreen and a book I picked up from the library. Read 3/4 of it already ... is it an easy read? Sort of. Interesting, more than anything. See, I have this book on my Kindle and just couldn't get in to it ... so I put a request in for the library to have it delivered to the beach location so I could pick it up on Saturday. Started reading it and had to put it down ;-) Things needed to be done, you know? Oh. The name of the book? It Starts With Food. I don't know if I can do the Whole30 thing but I have been eating pretty close to the guidelines, with the exception of the vodka/tequila/beer that pops up unexpectedly ... AND ... ready for this? I've lost 9 pounds since the first of the year. Mind you, I have NOT really been exercising (except them walking lunges every time I walk down the loooooong hallway at home) ... but I've reduced my alcohol consumption by a lot and have been really mindful of what I've been putting in my mouth.

Who would have thought that made a difference?  So, seeing the number on the scale this fine Sunday morning has really motivated me as you'll see on the menu this week ;-) Sorry family, you are along for the ride!

I was pretty impressed with my lack of grocery shopping last week! 1 stop at Winn Dixie for milk and sleepy water oh and eggs ... $21 spent. Then Whole Foods and spent $30 at LAST!  The biggest expenses were the ham (deli meat snob that I am) and the spaghetti squash (6 1/2 pounds) ... but regardless, pretty damn happy with the spending last week! I avoided Costco, even though I said I needed to go ... I still do need to stop and get a few things and might do that Monday as I have to take my dad to the VA late afternoon ... or maybe on Thursday after our Miami VA appointment. Oh, yeah, I also have to work this week! I do need eggs (LOTS of eggs), half and half, salad stuff (lettuce) and so on ... of course, I could (and did) buy these things elsewhere but I HATE spending 50% more than what I spend at Costco. Then again, I also know that Costco makes me spend more money on other items ... I need to get back to a list only trip! But I really, really need more eggs ... I want to make a recipe that uses LOTS of eggs this week!

Ok ... here's what we are planning for the week!

Sunday - Red Meat Sauce (pantry items and 2 lbs of ground beef from freezer) with Spaghetti Squash ... I also made a box of fettuccine (pantry, for those who said no thanks [2] and some dinner rolls (freezer) ... the meat sauce cooked all day long and smelled delicious while when I was sitting outside!  Feeding 6

This makes a lot and I will freeze half for a later date

Monday - Thai Style Shrimp Salad ... shrimp in the freezer. Fingers crossed the cabbage is still good in the fridge, otherwise I will stop at the store on my way home and pick up a bag of coleslaw ... avocado and mango also in the fridge ... feeding 4

Tuesday - Chicken Inspired BLT Salad - chicken in freezer, salad stuff in fridge (may need to buy more?) and bacon and rest of ingredients in fridge and pantry. Feeding 4

Wednesday - Steak (freezer) Bites and green beans (fridge). Sounds a little odd but it is what it is ;-) Feeding 6 ... will probably offer up a side of salad also

ThursdayHarvest Cobb Salad ... pretty excited to give this a shot. It's a new recipe from Pinterest and I have everything on hand...may need to buy more lettuce by this time though ...

Friday - Thinking along the lines of flatbread pizzas (all ingredients in freezer, fridge) for all who are home ... I will make a margharita frittata (eggs in fridge, will use basil from garden and tomatoes will be picked up if we eat all the grape ones I have currently) for myself. Feeding 6

SaturdayHappy Valentine's Day! I honestly do not know what we are doing this evening ... but it's Hubby's call ... he most likely will want to pick up some nice ribeyes and double baked potatoes ... sounds like we may be competing for kitchen time with the boy and his girlfriend and princess and her boyfriend ... good grief. Feeding TWO as the rest of the clan needs to fend for themselves ;-)

What are YOU making this week??  Looking forward to sharing with Organized Junkie's Menu Plan Monday ... go check it out!


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