Week 90 Menu Plan - Using What We Have

It's that time of the week again where everyone on blogsphere links up with Organized Junkie's Menu Plan Monday ... I love clicking through the links to see what other folks are planning ... great ideas come about this way!

The gym plan is sort of working for me. If I could only get the work plan to work a little more efficiently. I missed TWO classes last week due to work and of course, that made me even more crabby than just having a crabby day at the office. I am starting to realize that I'm getting burned out and that's just not good. So. I need to change my attitude, and quick!  But that's for another time, another post ...

I am really wanting to get the pantry inventoried, and THEN the freezers ... there were some great deals on some canned items this past week, but I just didn't know what the status was of same at home so I opted NOT to buy ... which now I wish I HAD. Uggg. Being unorganized does NOT go hand in hand with being frugal, you know? So that's my goal this week, gym 2 times this week and pantry cleaning 2 nights. Lets see how things go ...

Here's what I'm looking forward to making and eating!

Sunday - It was just me and Hubby and we were drinking these lovely peach bourbon cocktails and enjoying the pool :-) So we opted to use the rotisserie on the grill and make some Mojo Wings ... nothing better than floating in the pool at night and eating wings on a raft. Seriously. :-)  We also cooked up about 8 bone in chicken thighs for the week ... fed 2. (them wings were really really tasty and I'm so glad I got a big bag of wings in the freezer to make this every weekend we are in the pool at night!)

Monday - leftovers ... we have crock pot italian beef (from Friday), bbq chicken thighs (from Sunday) and then the usual stuff that floats around in the fridge ;-) feeding 3

Tuesday - I've got the gym at 7pm (yikes!) and will be home by 8:30 ... I'd like to have everything ready to make Black Bean Tacos with a corn salsa on the side (this is already made) since neither was made last week ;-) ... all ingredients in pantry and fridge. Feeding 3.

Wednesday - Thinking of rice bowls, Chipotle style ... I really liked that place ;-)  I have rice and beans in the pantry, beef and chicken in the freezer and whatever else is needed (salsa and cheese in fridge, 1 avocado if someone wanted to make guac?) and I probably have all the seasoning. Feeding 6

Thursday - gym night ... Ranchy Chicken in the Crockpot with mashed taters on side. Chicken in freezer, balance of ingredients in pantry/fridge AND the mashed taters are premade in the fridge although probably NOT enough for all 5/6 of us.

Friday/Saturday - at this time, I have NO clue if I'm going out this night or Saturday for a girls night out (birthday girl) ... so ... tonight and tomorrow could be Feed Yourself Nights ... and the other night will be Hubbys choice, just to make my life a little easier! I'd like for Hubby to feed us all, but not so sure he's going to be receptive as he just wants to put us in a cab and get us out of the house. Not a fan of 50 year old woman partying like they are 21 ;-)

What are YOU making this week?


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