Costco Time!

After holding out for quite a few weeks and doing a little comparison shopping on the side at the local grocery stores, the Boy and I headed to Costco early on Saturday morning ...

My main mistake was taking him with ME! Uggg.

We did get some good stuff that we needed/wanted at a way reduced price compared to the stores locally ... such as the Brown Basmati Rice ($3.99 per bag in all the stores) for $11.49 for a 6 pk. Um, hi, that's like half the price ... and I never see a sale on this stuff.

I did buy quite a few things that were NOT on the list ... and didn't pick up a few things that were ... the cart was overflowing and for that reason alone, I'm glad the Boy came along, he got his workout pushing that thing through the crowds ...

Here's what we got:

* 2 bottles of Kirkland brand Golden Margarita Mix (premixed WITH tequila) $9.99 each ... this is definitely the same stuff as the Golden Margaritas I buy for $19.99 a bottle ... SOLD from here on out! (yes, the Boy convinced me we needed this as he knows I love margaritas and he's tried it before)

Total spent $21.18. Oh. Wait. That was just the liquor store ... lets move on to the real trip, shall we? Might want to get a glass of water as this could be a LOT of reading for you :-) ... FYI ... it's a little too early for a margarita, ok?

20 pk Irish Spring bath soap $9.49 less $2.50
* Naked Smoothie pack $14.49  The Boy convinced me how 'healthy' these were for him
* Party Cups $9.99
Cottonelle Bath Wipes $16.99
48 count Kirkland brand Energy Shots (way compatible to 5 Hour Energy) $34.99
2 dozen (6 dozen total) extra large eggs $4.99 each
* twin pack Kirkland brand Greek Yogurt $6.89 (totally compatible with Fage)
* Clif Bar protein bars $19.89
Oh Yeah protein bars $17.99 x 2
* massive container of Combat Protein Powder $42.99
* 6 pk Brown Basmati Rice $11.39 x 2
130 count garbage bags $15.99 less $
unsalted cashews $15.49
salted cashews $15.49 (hubby requested that I please buy the salted ones)
Dawn Advance dish soap $8.99
twin pack of peroxide $1.99
gallon of 2% milk $3.49
* gallon of whole milk $3.49
half and half $1.89 x 2
1 lb bag of crumbled bacon $11.49
2 lbs grape tomatoes $5.79
3 pk deli slice variety pack $9.99 less $3 (x 3 total)
* 10 pk Brita Filters $42.99 less $8
twin pack organic honey $9.29
6 pk dental floss $12.99
6 pk toothpaste $12.99 less $4
* large container of presliced apples $8.99
100 count Japanese green tea with matcha $13.99 less $3
* 2 6pk muffins (one cinnamon streusel, other blueberry) $6.99 less $1
6 pk romaine lettuce (large heads) $4.29
* 5 pounds mild shredded cheese $15.99
5 pk baby romaine $3.99
6 pk red peppers $6.29
5 lb bag of frozen veggies $6.59
4 lb aged cheddar $12.77
* twin pk of Oat Square cereal (been a LONG time since I bought cereal!) $7.39
1 lb pkg of cooked bacon strips $10.99 x 2 (at last, the price dropped a little)
large container of cottage cheese $4.99
* large bag of trail mix $12.69
* 6 pk of sport socks $12.99
12 pk Torta Sandwich rolls (ciabata bread) $5.99 x 2
bag of lemons $6.79
2 lbs of cooked shrimp $22.79 (yikes!)
* 4 lbs of frozen broccoli $6.49
360 count Advil $16.49 less $3
large bag of macadamia nuts $17.89
* 8 pk of underoos $12.99 less $3
* bag of chocolate covered dried fruit $8.89
large pkg of aluminium pans (half steamer size) $5.89

A lot of stuff ... grand total was $656.04. Yes. Really.

So ... with that little excursion out of the way, I am really going to focus on getting the pantry and freezers organized and stay OUT of the grocery stores for the rest of the month. Heck, I should be able to, don't you think??

The items that have an * in front are things that the BOY convinced me was needed ... I am not going to do the math to see how much his spending time with me cost ... we actually had fun (we normally do) and it was fun shopping with him. I don't get to spend as much time with him like we used to and I do miss the kid ...


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