Week 32 Menu Plan - Using What We Have

I know, I know, I didn't post a plan last week. I had one, honestly ... but boy, it just really went south, FAST! So it never got posted.

Grocery shopping was very minimal this week ... one stop at Publix, Friday after work. $75. Yup. That's IT! Of course, both kids would swear we are all going to wither away and die because there's 'nothing' to eat! 

We are NOW entering Week 8 of Hubby's unemployment ... whew. It's now starting to hit me!  It may be because we are getting ready for a 2 week road trip, Mark & Jan's 3rd Excellent Adventure. Yup. The 1st time was Key West ... ummm, yeah. There was A LOT of stuff that needs to just stay in Key West. The 2nd was Las Vegas. Ummm, even more stuff needs to stay there.

This time around is a road trip .We figured, what the hell, he's got the time, I'm entitled to the time, lets DRIVE, BABY! Driving TO our destination will not be overly exciting, except for my small anxiety attacks since I hate highways ... but coming home? You bet, lots of excitement! Nashville for 3 nights and Hubby is insisting we have to hit up the honky tonk bars ... oh my. We've already determined that I will be the responsible adult that evening!

I think, when we get back home, I will need to "fill in the gaps" ... get back on track to conscientious eating and purchasing of food ... suddenly, I need to buy the next size pants as the waist, butt and thighs have ballooned...the scale says I've gained THREE POUNDS, yet everything is just fluffy ... big time ... I'm thinking because I eat a high fat diet (good fats) normally and lately I've had a lot of not so healthy stuff (pizza!) and regular beer, no light. I'd hate to think lite beer makes THAT big of a difference, but maybe it does.  So when we get back, Sonny Boy will be back at school and we will be heading in to the end of summer, what better time to reset your choices? Not to mention, the 'sensitive boy' will be back at school so I can make shrimp and other things without worrying about his potential hivey reaction ;-)

Here's what I'm having for the next few days ...

Sunday - Wedge Salad for Hubby (his request, and I had iceburg lettuce) with BLT inspired chicken salad for me

Monday - more BLT Inspired Chicken Salad for me, Hubby will have leftover ribs from Saturday night

Tuesday - seriously, going to be cleaning the fridges out as I know the kids will not eat the leftovers hanging out!!!

Wednesday - on the road ... probably Lone Star Steak House as it's close to the hotel

Thursday - on the road still, Olive Garden close by (told Hubby, while we were in Nashville, we need to find a Triple D joint to hit up if I'm eating at these other chains!)

Friday - at the family , finally ... grilling and chilling, I'm sure!

Saturday - family ... would like to cook for them, steak and taters if all are in favor!

What are you planning for the week?

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