Costco Time!

Well. Not really. Not recently, I mean. But I found 2 receipts that I've been carrying around to do a post on ... figured I would give you TWO FOR ONE! How do you like that?

First trip was 4/27/13 ...

3 dozen xlarge eggs $3.39 (prices down again!)
box of easy mac cups (Sonny Boy) $9.79
qtips $8.99
picnic pack of ketchup/mustard/relish $7.25 less $2
2 gallons 2% milk $3.09 each
combo ziploc bags $10.99
fruit roll ups $10.89 less $2.80 coupon
20 pk irish spring bath soap $8.66
35 pk of zeph water $4.89 less $1
5 lb bag of grapefruits $5.99
bag of Angies Kettle Corn $5.99 less $1.50
2 pks of beef jerkey $13.99 each less $3.50 each
2 pkgs of cooked bacon $12.39 each (this stuff is getting more expensive each time)
Hard Salami $5.69
half and half $1.69
popchips bbq flavored $5.49
mens dress shirt $17.99 (returned later)
unsalted cashews $14.99
mahi mahi $16.99
steak strips $12.99
sliced ham lunchmeat $9.05
mini babybels $9.99
romaine $3.99
coconut shreds $8.99
organic honey $8.99
acid reflux twin pack $8.49
2 lbs 31/40 shrimp $13.99
tons of plastic cups $9.99
almond butter $6.29
2 lb strawberries $5.99
1 lb english cheddar $6.99
5 pk of wild tuna (canned) $4.99
twin pk of olives $5.99

Grand total was $315.09 ... yes, really. A Few things I should not have gotten, coconut (dehydrated and coated in sugar!), babybels, popchips, popcorn and a few other things for the Boy ...

Next trip was 5/4/13 ... yes, a mere week later ... I had Sonny Boy with me ...

half and half $1.69
twin pack Acai juice $8.59
shredded parmesan $13.99
pretzels $7.69
3 pk ragu sauce $6.35 less $2.30
3 dozen xlarge eggs $3.39
pkg organic spinach $3.99
GCB caffiene pills $15.99 (um, don't ask, stupid purchase on my part)
NV Protein bars $11.99
angus ready made cheeseburgers $12.99 less $4
LARGE container of Whey Isolate $57.99 less $8
one a day vitamins (men) $13.79
Krill oil $17.99 less $5
roma tomatoes $5.29
6 pk socks $12.99
2 pkgs blueberries $6.99 each

Grand total this time around was $205.35. I'd be happy if ALL my Costco trips were in this range ... alot of the stuff was for Sonny Boy ... sauce for back home, Acai juice for his smoothies, along with the protein stuff, and other junk food.

I'm really happy the eggs have come back down in price again ... I have them on my list to pick up when I go back again ... probably in the next few days since it's month end and that's generally when I go ...

What have you been buying from Costco lately?


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