Menu Plan Week 46

It's already week 46, which means, I've missed a week or two somewhere, and well, since there's only 52 weeks of the year, it also means that we are fast approaching 2013. Holey Moley, how can that be!

Yeah, it's the 2nd week of November already. Slightly depressing in that I've not achieved ANY of my goals for the year. Too many things happened and well, 2012 has definantly been life altering in many ways ... good and bad, but more good in the end.

I can complain all day long, but I am thankful ... I have my family and friends (including Kitty). I have a job that pays the bills, that I actually love the people I work for. I have a roof over my head with running water and electricity.

And ... I have LOTS of food in the freezers. Still.

Apparently, menu planning is not the fix-all ... if you don't motivate and follow through and COOK the actual menus, then you are S C R E W E D.

Don't get me wrong. It's not like we eat out every night or anything. More of a nibble here and tossing together whatever is there that looks easy to eat QUICK. I just need to stay motivated and not *itch about the fact of an hour in the kitchen after I get home from work.  I DID make the Smokey Crock of Pork on Thursday night, but that was just tossing stuff in the crockpot and going to bed. No biggie there.

Anyways ... complaining. Hubby is traveling to Ohio this week (make sure you tell them Ohio folks THANK YOU for me Hubby!) Tuesday and returning Friday ... which means its me, Princess and Kitty for 3 nights. Actually 1 night as Princess will probably be at work Wednesday and Thursday. Which means, a more 'doable' menu plan ...

Sunday - leftover Smokey Crock of Pork

Monday - leftover beef (Hubby made Saturday) with mashed taters (Hubby) and salad

Tuesday - Chicken Piccatta (Princess and I)

Wednesday - Shrimp cocktail

Thursday - Pumpkin Pancakes

Friday - Tuscan Style Garlic Chicken

Saturday - Hubby's choice, as seems to be the trend lately!

The great news is Sonny Boy comes home on Tuesday. Princess will go pick him up after class on Tuesday morning and drive back with him. Yippee. I see a Costco trip in my future as he was requesting more Muscle Milk Protein Powder. No,  I do NOT spoil the kid, he just needs to bulk up as he did a Freshman 15 LOSS.

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