Sunday Catchup

At least I've been home all week, but it's been BUSY ... plus Hubby came home (at last!), and I spent 6 hours yesterday doing something that I thought would take 2 hours (dad stuff) so I need to get caught up ... ready for the list?

menu plan (need to be sure to link OR pull the recipes for easier living). Pull ONE new recipe. Make menu based on what's in house.
inventory main freezer and post
make chili
make biscuits
make crackers
slice and dice veggies for week
laundry, fold and iron. Lastly, put away!
clean laundry room (the dust bunnies sort of freak me out!)
pay bills
balance checkbook
discuss Halloween festivities with Hubby for Saturday night (in other words, what ARE we going to do???)
redo linen closet in hallway. This closet holds ONLY towels and good grief, it's a mess.
Evaluate guest hall closet. I've cleaned it out previously and I think I can clear it out a step further.
Order new cookbook (it's just irritating that it's $10 less for a Kindle version...I really do NOT like cookbooks on the Kindle.)
If time, run to Doris and buy 10 lbs of chicken. Last night's dinner used up the last of the REAL chicken breast (all I have left is tenderloins and strips I believe)
So it's 10:30am, I've eaten breakfast, did the dishes from the late night dinner AND inventoried the main freezer, have a few ideas in mind for the menu plan (I'm heavy on shrimp apparently) AND laundry is started. Ummm....NOT to mention, I've had FOUR cups of coffee. Yikes.
Are you using today as a catch up day?


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