Take 10

In this case, I suppose it really came down to 15 minutes ... as you can see, I started BEFORE I set the timer:

I've decided that I'm actually looking forward to the kids leaving the house so that I won't be dealing with construction paper on this level ...

This is the guest hallway linen closet.  Yes, typically, such a closet would hold linens, health and beauty items, etc. But in this house, it holds pillows, sheets, office supplies and kids artsy crafty crap. Oh, and a box of tax returns (shudder).

As you can see, with kids (mini adults, not toddlers, mind you) the stuff is just shoved around and pulled and crammed here there and everywhere (should have seen it BEFORE all the paper ended on the floor).

So, 15 minutes or so later:

Ahhh, much better. Not perfect, but good enough.


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