Menu Plan Monday

It's a dreary, rainy and humid Monday and of course, that means menu plan day, regardless.

I'm upset in that I had hoped to be having French Onion Soup leftover from Saturday's batch ... but, unfortunately, the recipe was not all that and more. It was none of that and then some. To the point where it went bye bye. To feed the fish. I'm so bummed.

Have you ever pulled a recipe off line that LOOKS great but somewhere along the line, either something was left out of the typed up and posted instructions or the picture was just doctored up? I've had it happen a couple of times ...and the soup was one of them. Really makes for a bummed mood. I'm still wondering, was it the organic beef 'flavored' broth? The flour to be added (that seemed off to me when I did it!) or just everything? :(

Anyways ... on with the menu plan. Not very exciting whatsoever, contributing that to the weather (gee, what's my excuse for NEXT week?)

Sunday - after shopping that morning, spending roughly $100 total, we STILL ordered Pizza for $22 total (after tip and all). I have to attribute it to the rainy, windy weather we were having.

Monday - Leftover chicken marsala and a salad

Tuesday - Pantry Salad  (chicken, corn, black beans etc.)

Wednesday - our night out but I'm thinking I will try to get Hubby to stay in again.

Thursday - Cobb Salad

Friday - I'm off to Orlando to see Sonny Boy and Halloween Horror Night. Obviously, wanting to eat in but will be out...Hubby has his cooking class this evening.

Saturday - may be in Orlando still, not sure as of yet. If so, eating in, if not, eating at home ... Hubby's choice regardless.

It's really going to be an off week for us in the end. Weather is crappy and that adds to the other woes of the household.

I need to STAY OUT OF THE grocery stores until at least Monday of next week. Seriously. I don't see the money woes fixing themselves, as much as I tell myself they do ... I just need to commit to it.

What are you feeding the masses for dinner this week? In a rut, hop over to Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday link up ...


  1. Sorry to hear of your bummed soup- but yeah, it happens. Makes good dogfood around here ;-)


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