Menu Plan Monday - the Cheap Version

Yeah, cheap. Not frugal. CHEAP. Of course, everyone has a different definition for CHEAP :)

Sonny Boy was here again this weekend, and I'm $70 poorer today than I was yesterday. Not to mention $100 on Monday of last week. And $100 2 weeks ago. Uggg.

Anyways. Yeah, I'm going broke here so this week is my CHEAP menu plan ... basically, what I have in house, which, it should be noted, is quite a LOT of food still ... (and I laugh because Mr. & Mrs. Smith is on and it's where he takes the knife from her to cut roast and she pulls out another to slice the bread) ... back to the menu plan, we have LOTS of food still, but I am getting low on chicken breast, I have no sandwich bread (it's ok, we don't really eat it ourselves!) ... but I do have a variety of meats and such so here's what I'm planning:

Sunday - Hubby is talking of making some pork chops in the grill pan (gasp) and a few leftover steak fries

Monday - Evil Jungle Salad (using leftover steak from Saturday night)

Tuesday - Benihana Onion Soup with some chicken, rice veggie stirfry combo

Wednesday - most likely take out from the cuban joint. I figure $20 should be more than enough ...

Thursday - Chicken/black beans and corn mix (pantry food!)

Friday - We are going out tonight to see a band that I enjoy and who have supported Sonny Boy (letting him play a few songs  with them) ... since they only play close by occasionally, I make it a point to go .. .Figuring it's going to cost $50 to $100 (depends on food and drinking)

Saturday - I believe we will have ranch steaks ... I have another stash of NY strips in the freezer ...

Linking up to Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday ... hop on over and see what everyone is serving up!


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