Moving Sonny Boy aka Shopping at Home

I apologize well in advance if this post is scattered. See, I am fighting a cold (nerves? stress?), new medication (taken at night and puts me in a haze for a bit in morning) and the fact that today is  ...

Well, today is THE day. Sonny Boy heads off for his next Big Adventure. College.


How did I get here?

I can only imagine what he's thinking too!

I'm excited yet so very nervous. I'm trying NOT to be a mother hen. I realize he needs to step up and out and just do it.

Which is not the subject of today's post, by the way!

Today's post is about Decluttering/Dejunking and Frugal Friday! Also known as Shopping At Home. Wow, so many topics fall into one single heading!

Yes. Now that Sonny Boy has moved 90% of his personal belongings to the back of the Tahoe (thankfully he's riding with a friend up because there is no room left for him in the back) I can take inventory of what is left and what is really still needed.

No. I'm not getting rid of his drum set. Or the 6 amps still in the bedroom. Or the guitars. None of that stuff. I will leave his room alone for  now. (I am thankful that he did take 4 guitars, 1 amp and the keyboard with him at least).

But I will be tackling the kitchen. I've given him a large pot, small pot, pizza pan, 8x8 baking dish, 2 cutting boards, a variety of knives, cheese grater, tongs, mixing bowls, water bottles, waffle maker and more. Then we have the food, boxes of pasta, cookie mix, cake mix, frosting, carnation, cereal, pop tarts, granola bars, protein mix, mac and cheese box (he opted out on the rice cooker for now), pancake mix, syrup, salt and pepper, garlic and onion powder, Italian seasoning and even more.

I realized after I started shopping at the Big Box Stores that I had plenty of things I could send off with him already at HOME. This of course, after I spend quite a bit in stocking up for his new apartment.

Then we had issue with unknown needed school stuff. Unlike elementary and middle schools, colleges do NOT give you a printed list of how many pencils, what color pens and how much paper you need. So we sort of winged that and hope he can get a quick bus ride to Walmart if necessary. But again, I had tons of stuff in the guest closet (remember my take 10?) There was a whole shoebox in there of pens, markers, crayons, pencils and colored pencils. I went one by one and tossed the ones that did not pass the scratch test. No write, off with you.  I also put together a small ziploc of the real cool sparkle crayons that have never been used but were NOT in a box. Sonny Boy and I came to the conclusion they must have been from my dumpster diving days. That was a LONG time ago. Those are in the goodwill pile (which has grown substantially).

So next time you need something, shop you own home first. You may be surprised that what you really need is already there!


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