The Summertime Pantry Challenge - Update #1

Now that the weekend is officially over, I can focus a little more clearly on this Pantry Challenge thing.

I've still NOT cleaned and organized the pantry or freezers. I need to ... that really should be my first step, but it's DAY 5 already! So I may have to just chug along and get it done as I go ...

So. What are the goals, purposes, reasons, rules, etc?

My goal is to finally get the pantry and freezers organized ... and to get them cleared up.  I've got some stuff in both that probably should be gone by now, and well, you all know how stuff gets shuffled around, and eventually, these deep shelves of the pantry just suck stuff in to be lost forever, or at least until the next Pantry Challenge comes around.

Rules? None really. I will still shop. But I'm hoping to only shop for things that go in the FRIDGE (produce and dairy), occasionally breads (IF I go to the bread store I'll eliminate temptation!) and a few odds and ends (Carnation breakfast, coffee, you know, IMPORTANT NUTRITIONAL ITEMS).

I (along with the rest of the family!) need to focus on what I have and not what I want. Go ahead, nod your head in agreement, we all do it :)

I've got plenty of food, yet the kids (and Hubby) will open the pantry, stare blankly at the enormous selection and announce "there's nothing to eat in here". Uh huh. What they really mean is "there's nothing to eat that gives me instant gratification NOW" ...

I am still working with Sonny Boy to get him cooking to fend for himself in college a little more. He surprises me sometimes, the other night he made mac and cheese with elbow noodles, milk, shredded cheese salt & pepper and something else. It wasn't really mac and cheese, but like he said, it's a heck of a lot healthier for you then that "powdered stuff" ... funny kid. I sometimes get a little worried about his thinking too much about foods. :)

This could be a little difficult at times only because I'm trying to eat healthier too (less processed foods) and continue to exercise. BUT if this is to be a real life exercise, then I need to just do it!

I still haven't posted the menu plan yet for the week, but it's looking like a few nights of leftovers (thank you!) and salads ... I'll be sharing on what we eat and how we pulled it off if we have to improvise. It's probably too soon to think we will as you've seen the pictures, haven't you?

There are a few "famous" bloggers out there who are ... check them out:

Good Cheap Eats (Life as Mom's cooking site)
Tammy's Recipes (ok, so nothing to see here yet, but her site is great either way!)
Lynnes Kitchen Adventures (keep forgetting to try the Mac and Cheese in rice maker recipe!!)

So how about it, are YOU doing a Summer Pantry Challenge?


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