Paying Bills

You know, the holiday weekend is over but SUMMERTIME is still in full swing ... and I don't know about YOU, but I have a tendency to forget about those everyday things that need to be tended to ...

Such as bill paying.

Yeah, those bills. They just don't realize that this is the FUN time of the year, and heck, last thing I want to do is balance my checkbook, make deposits, move money from here to here and then write out checks on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning. No. I'd rather be floating in the pool or out in the ocean zipping around!

Of course, be a day or two late and whoa, you get slapped with a pretty hefty late fee. How can it be ethical for a $15.00 late fee to be applied to a $30 bill? Seriously!

So here's what Works For Me.  Online Bill Pay. Those bills come in and that same exact day, I log on to my online bank account, and set up that bill to be paid on the day BEFORE it's due.  I will automatically deduct it from the checkbook register just because you really do want to know what your balance is going to be :) It's pretty cool in that you can schedule whatever day you want, and I've done mine up to 4 months in advance (credit card payments, every 2 weeks) ... no fee to be charged by my bank either!
Another option you could do is the Automatic Bill Pay, where you tell the biller to automatically deduct the fees from your account. I only do that with a few things, NetFlix and the Gym, because they are set fees. Oh yeah, the electric bill too, but I've got like 3 weeks notice on that. Makes life a heck of a lot easier, trust me!

Do you pay your bills online?

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