Making Time

I remember staying home with the kids when they were younger (I've only been working full time since 2002) and the days where I could not wait for Hubby to come home and give me a break.
Now days, I can't wait for SATURDAY to come around.  I work HARD during the week, most times, and yeah, it's a law firm and it's a small law firm (meaning no pressure to meet billable hour quotas and such) but the days can be long and mentally exhausting. Plus talking to people on the phone all day long is draining in itself :)

So I try to be sure to make time for Myself! Where no ONE will bother me and I'm perfectly content.
Enter the pool. Yes. The Pool. If I get my raft out of the garage, and grab my book, towel and sunscreen, the whole household knows that Mom has a 1 hour break ... doesn't take a whole lot of effort, and it's only ONE hour, SIXTY MINUTES ... the world will not come to a screeching halt, trust me!

And of course, I need to make sure I'm safe so I use my sunscreen .... it's a spray that I really like.

Some of the sprays don't work that well, meaning the coverage is iffy, not to mention the clog factor. Nothing is more iritating than getting a little stream of sunscreen instead of a nice overall misting. To keep this from happening, shake frequently, try not to hold can upside down for long periods (hard, I know) and be sure to rinse and DRY the nozzle when finished.

I am a sun worshipper and in my younger days we would have tanning contests. My joke was I would have my first face lift by the time I was 40. When I turned 38 and had seen some of the facelifts around here (um, plastic surgery city), I changed my whole tune. Yeah, I lather up with sunscreen now and wear a hat and reapply all through the day. 

So how do you make time for relaxing by yourself?

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