Menu Plan Monday - June 27th to July 2nd

Is anyone else freaking out that it's almost July AND the 4th is this weekend? I feel a small case of anxiety comin on!

Hubby travels all week, just left, matter of fact. Gets home about midnight on Friday. Uggg.

However, this does mean an easy as I want it to be week for feeding since it will be me and Sonny Boy for the most part ... woohoo!

Sunday - Grilled chicken breast (marinated in italian dressing) and tossed up some sweet vidalia onions and asparagus on the grill pan (this was the best asparagus I've had yet)

Monday - Chicken (leftover) with pasta for Sonny Boy. May make a few garlic bread sticks with the leftover hot dog buns to get them OUT of here. Hoping to get to the gym after work.

Tuesday - Baked potato bar. I'm betting the girlfriend will show up for this. (got a 10 lb bag of spuds at Aldi's for $2.99 ... best deal in a while). Hoping to get to gym again after work which means I need to remember to set up the oven to turn on by it's lonesome at 5:30pm so the taters will be ready by 6:30 AND the kids can eat when they want ... UPDATE: I now realize that this is the evening they audition for Battle of the Bands so I doubt they will be home for dinner ... I could make this EARLIER for all the kids to eat, potassium and carbs are GOOD for when you play hard (and bang your head).
Wednesday - sandwiches, just because I'll be home and probably exhausted!

Thursday - pizza bread for Sonny Boy and I'll have leftovers and/or salad. This is the last day of the month and I've got 5 closings scheduled. Uggg. I will probably be late getting out of the office AND most likely NO gym ...

Friday - So I really want to make these black bean burgers. And this could be the night to experiment .... and IF there is still gas in the grill, will do some fries in the grill pan .... banking the fact that it's the 3 day weekend AND my bosses thinking we worked way hard this week, lets close shop early!

Saturday - Hubby is back, he will be exhausted AND his boat guy is coming to work with him on the twins (just the usual maintenance stuff: fuel filters, etc.). I need to remember to take the italian beef out of the freezer for them to have for lunch. More than likely, this will be an easy dinner, leaning towards pizza just because he's going to be tired, it's a holiday weekend and well ... I'm going to be nice and not demand he cook ME something! :)

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