Costco Trip

I disclosed over here that a Costco trip was coming up this week ... and yeah, it could sort of, kind of, maybe go against the Pantry Challenge BUT there really isn't a whole lot of pantry items.

I wanted to list a side by side of my shopping list and my receipt but I believe the receipt made it to the trash to the street already ... I can be too efficient apparently.

Ok. Here we go (and remember, everything is COSTCO SIZE):

Papertowels $14.99
Sunny D x 2 $9.79 less $3 each
Sunchip (24 pk) $8.79 less $2
Kirkland brand Fabric Softner
360 piece plastic cutlery set $10.99 (I've been delaying way too long in buying more and the last bbq we had to use REAL stuff)
3 dz xlarge eggs x 2 $3.69 each
24 pk Kirkland variety beer $18.99 (I've heard real good things about the ales so I'm excited to try)
6 pk romaine lettuce $4.29
5 lbs of large tomatoes $6.49
Organic baby spinach $4.29
Big stack of half steam trays $6.49 (these are party bbqs and part of  our hurricane supplies)
mini peppers $4.29
crumbled feta cheese $6.89
crumbled bleu cheese $7.29
pork chops (boneless) $15.52
New York strip steaks $26.35
lemons $6.99
limes $4.99
blueberries $4.99
mini cukes $4.79
honey roasted turkey breast (lunchmeat) $7.34 and $7.50
black forest ham $7.22
Beef Frank (like the ones served in the food court) $10.99 x 2
cottonelle 346 count wipes $14.99
pure protein (18pk for hubby work) $17.99
100 tab probiotic vitamin $17.49
Maple syrup $12.99
crumbled bacon bits $9.99
vanilla $6.89
panda sauce $4.99 (total impulse buy)
collagen vitamin $18.49
Kirkland tylenol brand $11.79 (fyi, you know there is a recall, right?)
Prenatal vitamins $18.49 less $3 ... NO I'm not expecting but the doctor had my MIL taking this after her surgery so figured it could help me out, ya know?
pomegranate juice, 100% $6.59
gallon skim milk $3.25
gallon 2% milk x 2 $3.45 each
4 half and half (quart) $1.79 each
3 heavy cream (quart) $3.39 each
KS Cibo $7.99 (need to go look and see what this is? I hate that when it happens.

Total $403.57 but I also had a $24.91 check to redeem (executive membership, only done for 2 months!) so $384.42 total.

I am bummed, yet again, could NOT find the carnation breakfast mix ... it's hit and miss alot of the times. Also, they were moving stuff around, as in re-arranging! Ack. Good thing too as I had Pelligrino on my list because I really enjoy it with a nice dinner. But seriously, sparkling water?? :)

So, been to Costco/Sams/BJ's lately?


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