Sunday's Costco Trip

Walmart, Aldis and of course Costco. I normally would say NO WAY to a Sunday trip, but unbeknown to ME, Costco closes at 6pm on Saturdays. Anyone else know that? I was rather perturbed but just chalked it up as a reminder to stay on schedule for things (Saturday was spent, cleaning, decluttering and at the last minute I figured I'd do the run afterall)

So here is what I got that was exciting:

4 gallons of milk $2.79 each ... a buck cheaper than Publix but still more than Aldis $1.99
6 dozen extra large eggs $3.89 (for 3 dozen)
pkg of bakery ciabatta rolls $4.79 (spontaneous purchase)
pkg romaine lettuce $3.99
silk shirt for hubby (tommy bahama knockoff) $19.99 (spontaneous purchase)
Tide $19.99
spinach $4.29
cat litter $11.39 (which AGAIN I see it didn't take off the $2.50!!!)
15 lb of taters $7.49
blk forest ham $7.34
blk forest ham $6.98
string cheese $7.99
2.5 lb cashews $14.99 (spontaneous buy)
browned turkey $7.62
browned turkey $7.70
large bottle of sebamed wash for face and body $19.99 (spontaneous purchase BUT I want Hubby and Sonny Boy to try)
half and half x 3 $1.79 each
olive oil $10.99
cottage cheese $4.99
veggie straws $4.99
tortilla strips $3.99
croutons $4.99
500gb portable external hard drive $69.99
3 pk of 4gb usb drives $29.99 less $8
b/s chicken thighs $14.73
b/s chicken thighs $14.09

Ummm, grand total with tax? $329.89 ... crumb. Of which $60.00 is spontaneous. This is why you can't BROWSE at Costco/Sams or BJ's!

Check over here to view the Aldi's trip ...


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