Sunday Aldis Trip

Had no idea they didn't open early on Sunday so ended up going over to Walmart and browsing (uh, $40 later and a few tops and favorite soy sauce) ... Finally busted in the door and here's what I got:

Green grapes, 2 lbs $1.69 total
2 strawberries, 99 cents each
2 5lb red taters, 99 cents each
2 boxes of not sugar $1.19 each
4 bags of frozen brocolli, 99 cents each
tub of whip cream cheese $1.39
2 tubs of shredded parm cheese $1.99 each
2 jars of carmel sauce $1.99 each
1 jar chocolate sauce $1.99
250 ct napkins $1.49
3 bags of coffee $3.99 (like the milk, price of coffee has gone through the roof)
200 ct tissues $1.19
50 ct party cups $2.29 (way overpriced)
2 pkg slice cheddar cheese $2.19 (would have sworn it said $1.99)
4 pkg plain bagels $1.39 each
2 pkg cinnamon raisin bagels $1.39 each
2 bags bbq chip $1.39 each
3 boxes of peanut butter wafer thingys 99cents each (addicting little things)
hoagie roll (6 pk) $1.99

Total $61.03 with tax. Uggg. Check over here for the Costco adventures!


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