Are NOT meant for cleaning, I don't believe?

But I've been on the run all week, Monday at gym, Tuesday shopping (spent a whopping $30 even), Wednesday I was home, but vegging on the couch with Survivor, Thursday was the play and Friday was Roccos Tacos! (hey, IF you click on the link be sure your speakers are down low or off as it's LOUD) ...

We got to meet Rocco and his famous peewee herman shoes (and the ice cold patron) ... but anyways....I have a *slight* headache this morning ... and I realize that I should just stay home today instead of running to Costco, Aldis and Walmart ... afterall, whats another day with money in my wallet!

So instead, I opted to tackle a few projects.

1. The closet floor ... uh huh. Set my timer for 15 minutes and went at it. Uh huh. More stuff to the yard sale pile, some stuff to the trash ... and I found a CAT in the process.  3 minutes to spare even after I put the stuff in its respective place.

2.  My huge stash of recipes that have been torn from magazines, written by hand and printed. Wow, it was alot ... but I think Hubby will be impressed that I finally did it. It's been a sore spot for him being cluttery and all ... Amazing how many I threw away (ummm, date stamp of 2007 and I've never tried it? I don't think I was going to miss it horrible now, you know? Of course, I did find a few favorites that I haven't made in a while too ...

3. A stack of papers that have been sitting on the big wall table. Ummm, it started out with SAT and ACT paperwork. Then Sonny Boys graduation papers. Then his stupid Service thingy from the government (IT'S NOT A DRAFT KID, RELAX) ... and the pile just kind of morphed into any thing that didn't need immediate attention (and a cable bill that I would have sworn I paid but didn't ... paid it and this month online at that very second). Stack of papers is now GONE. Filed what needed filed and tossed the rest.

4. Put away the envelope of reciepts as it's full and time for another one...

5. Ordered the training door for the pet door. Good lord. Do they really think a cat is going to bash it's head against this plastic magnetized thing to get out? Um no. The one brat is just sitting there pawing it ... the other just sits there and gives me silent meows and sleepy blinks.

6. Laundry. And more laundry.

I need to clean the fridges out ... all 3 of them. Seriously. With just me and Sonny Boy here this week, a lot of leftovers still here from last weekend that are not fit to be eaten at this point, I'm sure ...

Also would like to tackle the freezers, or at least ONE and get it organized, yet again. Inventoried would be nice too but lets face it, I'm not in for an all day long event!


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