Creamy Dreamy Orangy Smoothy

When I was decluttering and finally tackling the huge stack of recipes I had stashed, I came across an old old favorite that I bet we haven't made in like 5 years. It was considered a treat to the kids and Hubby would make it for them and I can still remember the excitement and joy ... ahhh...those were the days :)

It's from Sandra Lee on Food Network ...

16 oz frozen oj concentrate
1 oz sugar/fat free vanilla pudding mix
1 4 oz yogurt (recommended orange cream but I'm certain we used vanilla)
1 cup milk (low fat or other)
3 cups ice cubes

Toss all in a blender and blend til smooth ... I am so going to be making these soon ...

FYI - the datestamp on the printout? 2003. Whew ... it's managed to float it self around the house for that many years? I definately need to make it now this weekend!

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