Recipe organizing in a lazy way

I have issues.

Paper Stack issues.

They drive my Hubby nut-so. He hates clutter. I hate disorganization.

The recipe stack was getting way out of control. Not to mention, it was harboring some of my very favorite recipes and would NOT release them when I needed them in a hurry.

So a few weekends ago, I said enough was enough. That was the start of it all, the minute I opened the guest closet hall door, and all the *stuff* stared at me. I set the timer to 10 minutes and became ruthless and purged, organized and tossed. All in the name of finding four file folders.

Because with four file folders, I could label them: Beef, Chicken, Pork, Fish and wait, I needed a 5th one, Sides. When I get more time, more ambition (and more folders), I will make more folders for desserts, salads and baking stuff.

Then I went through page by page by page of recipes. And you know what? I tossed about half. Then I put the recipes in the respective folder. Not in any type of order as that's my next project. But at least now, if I'm looking for that garlic chicken recipe, I know it's in the more manageable stack in the chicken folder.

Eventually, I'd like to then do a table of contents of sorts and list the recipes in the order they are in ... nothing fancy ... and NO, I will most likely NOT swich to a binder, I don't like those big bulky things ....
Works for Me ...


  1. I need to come up with some sort of recipe organization lol.

  2. And you just reminded me I need to resort my binder. (I know you won't switch, but it is handy...)

  3. I just love this "set the timer" way of cleaning a little at a time. and thanks for reminding me that it's time to get off the computer and actually COOK one of the many, many recipes I keep accumulating!


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