Update on Doctor and Test

As you may have read over here, I was scheduled to go in and have an EMG done by the neurologist.

a.  Thankfully Dr. Locatelli was handsome and better yet, funny and kind.

b.  Thankfully he has a wonderful nurse on staff with him that I instantly connected with.

c.  I did not pay anything at the visit. Hopefully the bill won't be too shocking.

d.  I need to remember to shave my legs a little more often  *grin*

e.  IF you are ever invited to have an EMG done for fun ... seriously, just say NO.

This was probably one of the most uncomfortable things I have ever gone through in MY WHOLE LIFE. Seriously. Crap.

Shock therapy. Needles and making muscles react with needles in place. Good lord. Have some mercy will ya!?

The shock part? Ummm, nothing, nothing NOTHING like static electricity folks. We are talking genuine currents going through your arm/hand/body. And it's not just once, but 3 to 4 times for EACH area. That's what makes it worse, knowing that the first current is not the only current ... after the 3rd set, I KNEW that there were 4 total for each round. Crap.

Messed up my makeup, that's all I can say.

And afterall that? 100% absolutely, with utter conviction, NOT carpal tunnel.

Next up? Rheumotologist. Lovely.


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