Doctors, test and insurance

You may remember back in December I finally took the plunge and went to get my annual (not so) female checkup. All that worry for nothing pretty much ... except I do still need to go get an ultrasound done as she believes I probably have fibroids (whatever that really means) ...

About a month ago, I made an urgent request to get into my regular doctor for my hands. We already know (diagnosed) that I have arthritis in the one finger (now obviously 2) and just sort of assumed (I did) that I had arthritis of my thumb and possibly the wrist. This is what happens when you self diagnosis. ;)

So one Monday, both hands hurt so bad, tears in my eyes, seriously, just weepy and holding my hands out on my desk in an awkward position to try and relieve the pain. Got in the next day. First thing first, how swollen the palms were by the thumb. 2nd thing, how swollen my hands were in generally. 3rd thing, carpal tunnel likely. NO. That can't be. I don't have the symptoms for that. I do NOT have pain in my arms, and isnt' that one of the most common symptoms?

So we did blood work. $2300 worth according to my ECB's. Whoa nelly. That was a little excessive, don't you think? But the insurance covered most of it, I think there was like $99 out there that wasn't paid, and surprisingly, have not gotten a bill yet (may have just jinxed myself, huh?).

A few weeks ago I went back to get the results. Only thing that comes back? Inflammatory test all test positive which means something is going on inside somewhere. Huh. So then there is a script to go see a Neurologist to do an EMG (uh, yeah, go google that for me will ya?) and a script to go see a Rheumatologist. Since I'm an ultra conservative medical kind of girl, I waited 2 weeks to make the appointment for the EMG.

Well, today's the day. I go in at 3:45 and should expect to be there for an hour or so for the test.  I plan on waiting for the results of the EMG to go back to my primary doctor, go see her and then from there decide if I need to see the Rhematologist.

In the meantime, I've slept, occasionally with these ugly wrist support things (that I apparently mess with the velcro straps during the night according to Hubby's grumpy comment about waking him up) and take 4 Aleve a day. Ick. AND it's not working. The pain is still there, and worse some days than others. Seriously. I do not know HOW it can be CTS as typing is not necessarily WHAT aggravates it. Somedays I wake up with it, other days I don't. Laundry, washing dishes, driving, opening doors, bottles, jars, that's what makes it TWANG and lock up like a big ole charlie horse.

But my finger tips are numbish, and my typing is not like it used to be and I suppose its because they are a little numb (can't remember the medical word, begins with a p?) ... and my hands are just clumsy anymore (I used to have such long, beautiful, graceful looking hands, it breaks my heart to look at them.)

Oh ... and today also, this morning, at 8:30am? Hubby goes in for an MRI for his back. They believe it's a degenerative disc issue. Lovely. The insurance company is going to L. O. V. E. us!  I'm starting to believe that yes, all those years of paying into the insurance and never using it is finally coming around.


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