Valentine's Day and Date Night

Hubby and I go way back to my old high school days. Ummm, that's been quite a long time.

For Valentine's Day, we've done everything. Limos. Roses. Dinners. Movies. Special Trips. And so on. But seriously, I think my favorites are right here at home. It's so much less expensive, and honestly, I find it more enjoyable, especially on these holiday weekends. Arg, the crowds!

I love my home for the most part. I've got a beautiful view off the back patio. We've got an awesome sound system FINALLY (still working on the various settings of volume with Hubby). AND this weekend (which is when we celebrate the Day) I will be childless, which is a dream come true.

Yes. No Kids to interrupt. Nothing for me to worry about. Well, providing that Sonny Boy gets to where he's driving to ok today (Orlando). And Princess gets to work and doesn't have any incidents.

So, what are we going to do you ask? Ummmm....we will make a dinner together, preferably EARLY on in the evening. A few adult beverages, preferably EARLY on in the evening.

I'm planning on the teriyaki chicken and sesame noodles UNLESS Hubby informs me of something else (no, there isn't a problem with communication in this house, WHY do you ask?) ... and I will break down and buy a key lime pie from Publix although, I may just go ahead and make this since the cool whip is on sale and I have LOTS of limes from the last Costco trip...

And then HOPEFULLY, go to bed EARLY ... and that should be enough said. Time to rekindle the romance folks.

*I need to get my red and pink construction paper out and start cutting hearts ...*

*NOTE: I need to get some spaghetti as we have NONE. I also need to use up the gift cards in my purse!*

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