Pantry Challenge, Days 37, 38 and 39

Uh huh, still plugging away and really need to crack down ... there is still NO room in the freezers ...

Day 37, MONDAY. The Monday after superbowl, which is probably a good thing for me ... breakfast for Sonny Boy was a bagel, scrambled eggs and yes, bacon (from Costco), Princess chose not to eat, so I had her breakfast sandwich and Hubby had Special K (with Berries!) ... lunch for the kids was the same old stuff as it's been for the past 36 days during the week, I had some of the leftover salad with dressing as did Hubby ... I'm hoping the black beans gave us some good protein because I realized as I was eating it that Hubby would have had NO protein so to speak. My snack before leaving the office was a protein bar & muscle milk light to give me a boost of energy for the workout. Dinner was chicken that was cooked on Friday and the remainder of the double baked taters and a green salad with some honey mustard dressing.

Day 38, Tuesday - Breakfast was the same except I ate the scrambled eggs this morning, no one else did. Lunch for Hubby and I was a green salad with more corn and black beans and I also tossed in a few leftover pieces of chicken on the side for hubby. Sonny Boy was home sick and princess was off today, so they fended for themselves. Dinner for Hubby and I was rice and more black bean soup. Sonny Boy made a small bowl of pasta and some tomato soup. His tonsils are huge. Will be taking him to Dr Wednesday morning. Princess was being a brat and I have no idea what she scrounged up.

Day 39, Wednesday - Sonny Boy skipped breakfast, well, he had Carnation Breakfast. Princess had OJ, protein bar and clementine. I had clementine and a piece of toast with bacon (don't ask). Hubby had his usual (Special K with BERRIES!). Lunch for Hubby and I was salad with turkey and cheese diced up. Kids on own, yet again, both home at lunch time and evidence pointed to ramen soup and tomato soup (and I could probably tell you who was what). Dinner was quesidiallas for the kids (Princess was boycotting so she made dinner for her and Bubba) while Hubby and I had salads with the remainder (I HOPE) of the chicken.

Trips to the grocery store? NONE. Uh uh. Not once in the past 4 days have I stepped into a store! Woohoo ... Kitties have food and litter (and water, of course!) and we are set to go for another few days. Of course, I did pay for Dr. ($30), Princess eye Dr. ($45) and scripts of $2.50 and $34. AND Publix has a deal right now, buy a $50 AE card and get $10 off. Of course, there is a $4.95 fee BUT you still are ahead $5.05 on the card. Will probably be buying some to stock up on.


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