Freezer update into February

Wow, started this on February 1, 2011. That is amazing ... already half way into the 2nd month! It was hard the week Hubby was traveling so we (me and the kids) normally eat real simple, grilled cheese, pasta, etc. (umm, yes, popcorn).

Ok, here's what's been removed:
frozen pizza
handful of raspberries
handful of blueberries
OJ concentrate
3 pk of steaks (these are tiny, 100 calories each)
almost finished the one bag of  precooked chicken
3 lbs of ground beef
2 large roast
uncounted amount of cheese (just lots and lots)
more HC fudge bars (almost done with first box finally)

And here's what's been added:

4 more frozen pizzas (I think I only have 2 left now)
2 roast (already taken out and eaten)
3 whole chickens (that have been quartered, which I removed the thighs and froze the legs and breast individually)

I'm very proud of myself as I didn't buy anything that required the freezers when I went to Costco!


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