To Coupon or Not?

I love coupons. Really, they do save a lot of money on the things that you need and use.

But of course, like anything else, there is a time and a place for them.  Right now, is NOT the time or place for ME.

See, during the past 2 months, with Pantry Challenges and cleaning out the freezers (and pantry!), I've come to realize something.

Stockpiling is G.O.O.D. so long as it's stuff that you use consistently. But it's not so good when you have, say, 20 bottles of Mr. Clean that you've purchased at a steal but still have said 20 bottles a year later ... I forgot that I'm NOT a fan of Mr. Clean. Ooops, sorry Big Guy!

So, let me think, I paid approximately 90 cents per bottle. 90 x 20 is $18.00. That's almost $20 (I'm all about rounding up). Hmmm. Do you see where I'm going? I've got almost $20 worth of stuff that I'm playing with tossing in the garbage, dumping down a toilet or sink OR donating (can I donate something like that? I'm thinking the animal shelter perhaps?).

Don't get me wrong. If I find a coupon for milk (that the milk snobs approve of), or the particular brand of cat food (or litter), I'm using it ... but I've temporarily changed my tune on coupons. I've not printed any printables for over a month (and, yes, I do feel ok with that) ... and I've not even flipped through the coupons from the past 4 weeks worth of Sunday papers (yes, they are in the coupon basket though) ... and I feel perfectly fine with that too!

So for now, I stay away from my favorite sites, I Heart Publix and A Full Cup. Because I know I will be sucked in to the deals that are just too good to pass up. At a time when I need to stay focused on saving and clearing out the pantry and freezers, to STAY OUT OF THE STORES and just use up what I have .... it is NOT the time.

Is there anyone else out there who feels like this? I've noticed a few of my favorite bloggers who have started couponing recently, doing the CVS thing and such ... and I see that the buying of 5 items to get XX back in reward bucks happening ... which is fine and dandy (really, IT IS) but I so see them getting caught up just like I did ... it becomes almost obsessive?

So in honor of Moms Plan declutter challenge, I think I will make it my goal this weekend to clear out the coupons and hmmm ... maybe have a giveaway? My first! Really? Really! So stay posted! Yeah, wait til you see the wicker basket overflowing with coupons. I'm a little ashamed of it and it stays hidden in my closet, on the floor, in the corner, which adds MORE problems to the closet!


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