Pantry Challenge, days 28, 29 and 30

Yeah, we are moving forward. I've got to take a picture of the guest freezer, it's got a few empty spots ... woohoo!! Gotta be from the box of Taquitos.

Anyways, I really fell off the wagon this week on the menu plan...

Friday, the 28th, breakfast was Special K "with berries" for Hubby, I had banana and clementine, kids had whatever they scrounged up when they awoke. Hubby was out for lunch, I had a MC steamer that I picked up for 80 cents (ummm, I could so make one and probably have it be healthier AND more filling) ... kids on their own yet again. Dinner was sliders (hubby picked up), a couple cans of chicken chili that was doctored up and some crab cakes from the freezer. See, it goes back to the Frugal Friday post ... we COULD have made the sliders ourselves but the hamburger was frozen so Hubby opted to spend the $10 on pre-made ones and buns (and we had leftovers) ... We had an exellent time with our friends, as always, and were locking up by midnight. Sweet.

Saturday - Breakfast for me was 2 eggs with spinach and provolone cheese and topped with fresh tomato stuff. Hubby had 2 sliders, kids had bagels. Lunch was left over sliders for me and hubby (the last of them) and the kids were on their own. Dinner was the filet mignons...I pulled these out Thursday night just because we need to eat them soon. Like this weekend. I would be very upset if they got freezer burned. Served with green bean casserole and a nice green salad. Whoa....we ate good :) (and one smaller filet left for a thai beef salad for ME)

Sunday - Breakfast was scrambled eggs and corn beef hash :gag: and toast. Lunch was scrounging whatever you could find that sounded appealing, Sonny Boy and BriBri had pb, fluff and nutella sandwiches, I had clementine and banana and Hubby ate the rest of the green bean casserole (yeah, the steak is still there!). Dinner was easy, frozen pizzas and salad and a nice cold beer for the adults, soda for the kids!

Hubby leaves for Houston for the week Monday morning. This should make for some real easy menu stuff, thankfully. He is gone until FRIDAY.  4 days of easy feeding. Ahhh yeah, I'm in ...


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