It's all about ME and my friends!

This post is about ME. All me. Me Me Me. Well, and my friends. And my family. Ok, let's start with the ME:

1. I am a creature of habit, very much so.

2. I am a tightwad, yet I can certainly be a spendthrift too. This definitely needs to be looked into further, just not at this very moment.

3. I like to cook, but sometimes, just don't have the energy, ambition, drive, motivation, etc.

4. I love my family (most of the time).

5. I enjoy staying home and having everyone over to MY house :)

So, what does this all have to do with a Frugal Friday post?

Well, I've learned a  few things from those 5 points ... I am a tightwad WHEN I continue to stick with my method of thinking myself as such ... doing things consistently becomes a "habit", and cooking for myself, family and friends in the comfort of my home is definitely a Frugal Friday tip (not to mention, skipping that huge bar tab is a bonus!)

I've started back up with the hosting Happy Hour Fridays in our home. We used to do it every other week several years back. BYOB and I would provide the appetizers and such. Then, the economy tanked, quite a few of my friends became unemployed (and unfortunately, unreachable as some people become when they suddenly have their world turned upside down, no matter how much you reach out).

I realized that there are a few friends I need to really felt the need to be in touch with. I did that on my trip North at Christmas ... it was very very good to see my very best friend from all those years ago, realizing that yes, we did go different paths and lifestyles, but OMG, we are in exact SAME businesses. Amazing ... and it was like we just talked the previous day. Now we have been talking daily.  Another old friend recently requested to be my "friend" on FB ... not that I'm a very big FB person, but still, it was a definite door opening, and a signal that her life is finally (perhaps) settling down. Another just recently left me a voice mail message letting me know that she's now living in NY, but planning on coming for a visit soon (and yes, my guest room is available for your short stay!)

So how do we do a Frugal Friday Happy Hour? Easy:

Friends bring their own beverages of choice. We provide the snacks and appetizers. Sometimes it's simply chips and dip or cheese and crackers or a veggie tray. Other times it could be shrimp cocktail, meatballs, snausages or whatever. But regardless, it is ALWAYS what I have on hand. Rarely would I shop specifically for this event.

We are fortunate that we have a terrific back patio that has nice lighting and speakers hooked up to a sound system that can play satellite radio or an ipod if desired.

It's all about getting together and enjoying each other's company, not about how spectacular the food is, or how clean the house was or any of that stuff. A lesson to remember!

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