Pantry Challenge, days 19, 20 and 21

Yeah, I should be proud of myself for making it this far, but I'm not because the last grocery trip just really burst my bubble (didn't you hear the big boom??) ... but I suppose I'm going to have to carry this over into February ... which I WAS going to try and dedicate as my anticlutter month ... gads, I just can't seem to get a break ... not blaming anyone but myself :)

Day 19 - breakfast for Sonny Boy was eggs, bacon and bagel with a side of yogurt and a banana, carnation and coffee to go. He's got finals this morning, better do well ... Hubby had (GUESS!) Cheerios, I had yogurt and a banana. Lunch for Sonny Boy was whatever he chosed to make when he gets home at noon (I believe it was bagel bites - going through them things like crazy, easy boy!), Hubby had small salad and a ham and cheese sandwich (again) with yogurt and baby carrots. I had a salad with my favorite HM dressing topped with hardboiled egg (hmmm, think I'm losing weight yet?). Dinner was to have been chicken Cesar pasta salad for all but then we decided to run down to the little bar and grill and had ourselves some burgers ... so dinner plan is moved to Thursday (which is ok by me) ...

Day 20 - Breakfast was the usual for everyone, including Princess as she arrived home from Tallahassee at 7am this morning (amazing that she walks in and says "Hi Mom. Can you make me a sandwich??"). I had the banana and Muscle Milk stuff. Lunch was salad for me. Hubby had more people coming in and they were going out to lunch. The kids were on their own as Sonny Boy got home early from finals and Princess was at class. Dinner is the plans from last night, chicken Cesar pasta salad which will feed me and the Princess as Sonny Boy will be out as will Hubby. Woohoo. Used some of the precooked chicken I had picked up at Costco, not so sure I like it ...

Day 21 - Princess had the breakfast sandwich. I had one too. Hubby had his stuff from yesterday. Sonny Boy? Fended for himself (believe it was a bagel and carnation as a BRUNCH). Lunch for me was more chicken Cesar pasta salad. Princess took a Campbell soup to go, and some other various items (including that horrible Honest Kids juicy crap, wish I could see her face when she tries it) for she had classes from 8am to 3pm today at the Central campus. Hubby planned on going out for lunch again. Dinner plans were suppose to have been burgers using some ground beef (9% fat) that I had picked up from Costco the previous trip (not that last fatal trip) and the buns were purchased at Aldi's this past weekend. I had tomatoes, lettuce, onion, pickles, crumbled blue cheese, etc to top as desired. Was hoping to do a little frying of some fries and onion rings, but the weather wasn't holding out very well and I HATE to fry in the house, so no fried food and if my burger is not cooked on the grill, I'd just as soon not eat it. So, what did we have for dinner? Me, nachos (just some tortilla chips, topped with cheese and nuked in microwave and topped with some tomato stuff), hubby had cheese and crackers and olives and later on made a pepperoni sandwich on the pannini grill (yeah, super healthy, I know)..Sonny Boy and the Princess made some tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

This weeks grocery trips? NOTHING except cat food and litter which I went to the Pet Store for deliberately to avoid the grocery store. Ummm, does alcohol count as food? Beer? Did stop at ABC Liquors and picked up a 6 pack of chilly New Castle, bottle of Kendall Jackson reserve, bottle of Hart and McGarry Chardonnay AND a medium size bottle of Anejo Patron. Ummm, meant to use my $50 gift card and not spend MORE than that but the total was $90. Will keep the gift card for groceries for the next 2 to 3 weeks ... (in addition to the other 2 gc's with balances of $9 and $2) ... Just a note: the Patron 'may' be a gift for my girlfriend coming up on her 50th. Depends on whether or not we opt for the limo on the girls night out ... also, the 2 bottles of wine will be for the next few weeks. I don't see us doing any 'heavy' partying in the very near future, but geesh, we just never know anymore! AND the New Castle beer? It was something different and then after I took a sip, I remembered, I DO NOT LIKE THAT STUFF! Thick. Bitter. Ick. Had to put ice in a glass with it and STILL. Half bottle was all I could do. Other half is in the fridge. Will probably use for cooking something.

Need to clean and organize the pantry and all 3 freezers this weekend. YIKES. I'll try to remember to take before and after pictures!!

How is YOUR pantry coming along??


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