Menu Plan for Week 3 of Pantry Challenge

Last week, I linked up for 2 weeks worth. Of course, life never goes according to plan so here's what I'm shooting for this week!

Monday - Soup (of some sort) and salad  (rainy dreary day here today)

Tuesday -  Spicy McChicken like sandwiches and chips

Wednesday - Cesar Chicken Pasta Salad and maybe some dinner rolls for Sonny Boy (teens! need more stuff than just "rabbit food")

Thursday - Burgers on the grill

Friday - Chicken on the grill (marinate in italian dressing?) with some Taters

Saturday - Steaks? Hot dogs? Chix sausages and peppers? Hubbys choice!
Sunday - Pizza with (the last of) chicken wings and garden salad.

Last week we ate out TWO times. Really. So unusual for us, really!  But I must get back on track and remember that I CAN NOT go to the store any more this month and into next month!!! Spent way too much time, therefore, money at both Aldi's and Costco. I do have to say, I stayed on my list for Costco but the stuff cost a little more since the last time I was there a few months ago. Anyone else notice that?

Looking for some other ideas for menus?? Hop on over to the Organizing Junkie and link up with Menu Plan Monday .... hundreds of others are!


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