Menu Plan Monday - Week 2 and 3 of Pantry Challenge

Seriously, it's hard to say NO to a quick trip to the store ... I ended up sending Hubby and Sonny Boy to pick up the bread and milk :)

So, whats the plan for the next two weeks?

Monday - Tacos (made with ground turkey from freezer) rest of ingredients are in pantry and fridge with chips and salsa and guacamole (I've got some avocados to use or may just take a container from freezer)

Tuesday - soup and sandwiches (leftover chicken chili from fridge, lunchmeat from freezer)

Wednesday - Pasta with some italian sausage (from freezer)

Thursday - Cubanos (using fried turkey instead of pork, turkey in freezer from Thanksgiving!) and black beans and rice

Friday - Happy Hour evening, appetizers as in spicy meatballs, snausages, cheese spread and crackers and veggies with dip and maybe some shrimp with cocktail sauce (all is in freezer/pantry and fridge)

Saturday - Hubbys choice, will probably push steaks from freezer with baked taters

Sunday - Pepperoni Bread or hot pepperoni sandwiches

Monday - Baked tater soup with green salad (using leftover baked taters from Saturday night)

Tuesday - leftovers and/or pasta

Wednesday - spicy McChicken like sandwiches (chicken patties in freezer)

Thursday - burgers on grill

Friday - chicken on grill (or out?) IF we cook chicken, will be marinated in italian dressing and served with garden salad (will probably have friends over which is why I say out?)

Saturday - Hubbys choice, but may push for sausage and peppers (chicken sausage in freezer along with peppers and onions)

Sunday - Homemade pizza, wings and garlic bread (all in  freezer, pantry and fridge)

IF I stick with the menu plan, I would only need to pick up produce, bread (unless I get motivated to make some) and milk stuff. The Happy Hour Friday is something that we haven't done in quite some time and I feel the need to reconnect with a few friends so this will be a good thing. I do not anticipate having to buy ANYTHING as long as the group is under 16 or so (a time where a fully stocked freezer is GOOD). I will also not buy any beer and just stick with wine or vodka or tequila that is currently in house.

I should also note that there are so many different things I want to make that I have the ingredients for, like shrimp po-boys, or chicken picatta and such, but I'm trying to keep my life a little simpler for now AND hubby is trying to eat a little healthier, which I'm trying to encourage and assist! I do have to say, cooking at home is A LOT healthier than eating out at restaurants. We all know that!

If you are looking for some great ideas or just want to peek into other menus, hop on over to Menu Plan Monday!


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