Making It Happen Monday

Ammie over at Domestically Obsessed is hosting the weekly Make It Happen Monday ... I do find that posting my list of things to do online helps a "bit" but need to get more focused on the list being ready beforehand!! You should go check her out and LINK UP!

Here's what I've got to take care of this week:

1. Get the 3 big closings out of the way at work!
2. Workout, exercise
3. Post Menu Plan (easy as Hubby is traveling)
4. I'm skipping all the making appt make stuff this week ... will focus on that next week for sure :)
5. February is my declutter month so I need to attack the guest room linen closet. Clear it out!
6. Pantry, freezers, cupboards organizing. Still on the list
7. Call Ms. McF at school to follow up on meeting
8. Balance checkbook. Move remainder of money to savings. Deposit, move 20% automatically to savings.
9. Set bill pay up for 3 bills in purse.
10. Start creative ideas for Hubby Love month
11. Clean laundry room. Dust bunnies are reproducing, I believe.
12. Wash guest room sheets and comforter, dust and vacuum. Not that anyone is coming (that I'm aware of) but I like to have it ready to go "just in case".
13. Clean out master bath cabinet under both sinks. What is THAT stuff??
14. Clean out drawers and cabinets of middle bath .... and get Sonny Boy involved. Do we really need the empty bottles stuffed in that one drawer kid?? I think I'll leave the guest bath til next week as that's Princess and well, she's got a lot of girly, princess crap in there.
15. Work out. Give it a shot Jan. You can do it.

Thats it ... there's so much more to be done but these are the priorities for the week.


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