Hubby Love - February

I did this post the other day. Don't ask me why but it makes me emotional. As in E. M. O. Ack.

I love my Husband. Dearly.

He just annoys the crap out of me at times. Probably 50% of the time.

I'm sure I annoy him the other 50% :)

We've grown together and sometimes, I think we've grown apart a bit. Yeah, it's true. It DOES happen. So I admit that I need to reconnect with the man I picked as a high school freshman to be THE one for me for the remainder of my life. The man who is the father of my children. The man who has put me where I am today.

So February will be my dedicated Hubby Love month.

I am going to try and do something each and every day to let him know that I love him. Besides the "usual" stuff.

Time for me to get creative. I need to start RIGHT now :) ...


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