Make It Happen Mondy

As usual, the lovely Ammie over at Domestically Obsessed is holding us accountable with the Make It Happen Monday list :) Thanks Ammie!!

So, my list have been somewhat lame for the past few weeks. Yeah, I have a lot of stuff going on that is NOT on the list ... you know, stuff that you remember to do and does NOT need to put on the list. Such as laundry, iron and put away. Ummm, that should be on the list so it can wave it's arms at me occasionally and say "hey, your family must be running around naked or at least not wearing underwear by now!!" Uh huh. It's bad. But I fixed that problem on Sunday, in addition to the floors now being fairly clean and dust/dirt/grime/sticky free. At least temporarily. So here you have it, my plan to Make It Happen!

1. Iron and put away clean clothes (as of Sunday, they were ALL CLEAN)
2. Menu plan and post (done!!)
3. Re-evaluate budget - update and plug numbers in to date
4. Set up February budget based on above results
5. Make deposits and move the 20% (so far so good...)
6. Dig around in garage freezer. Pull out SOMETHING (smoked sausage/kielbasi for Saturday??) Then, do a quick inventory of what is in there ... need to get this one cleared out ... smallest of the 3 therefore, doable
7. Research medical stuff. The pap came back "ok" but they want to see me in 6 months. Well, go figure, now I've had this annoying situation for like 10 days. Great. Like I said, they can always find something WRONG if they look or even inquire ... crap.
8. Make appt for Mammo
9. Make appt for ultrasound
10. Call Dr. G for Sonny Boy
11. Order senior pics ... a little late, I know...don't remind me
12. Call school, what happened to Music Theory and Comp? Yes, I know he will be great for TV Production, but he's a MUSIC kid :)
13. Get guidance counselor to COMMIT to meeting with me and Hubby and Sonny Boy too!
14. Clean out medicine drawer. Seriously. Get rid of the meds that no one takes anymore. Just do it.
15. Kick start the declutter plan. First up, Tshirt drawer (does anyone else have one that is overflowing, yet you only wear 3 or 4 of them consistently? What's up with that??)
16. Attempt to get the full workout plan up in one sweep. Print and execute.
17. Go back and re-read Ammie's Titanic post (giggle, so sorry Amm...but it was funny as hell, DON'T get sucked into the pregnant clothing, oh please don't do it! WHY do they do that to maternity clothes???)
18. Clean top part of pantry ... see pics (coming soon)
19. Clean bottom part of pantry ... see pics (coming soon)
20. Call insurance company. Inquire as to WHY the oldest car is the most expensive to insure? WTF??? $3000 for 6 months for 4 cars is WAY excessive AllState! Way over the top. If they can't reduce, start shopping for new insurance pronto.

I anticipate this to be a fairly quiet week which is why I stuck the pantry cleaning stuff there ... the Pantry Challenge should be coming to an end, but I'm dragging it through February because it does not seem to have made a HUGE difference! Well, according to the animals, it has ("we need snacks mom, there aren't any snacks to be found ... what? Make popcorn? There isn't any microwave popcorn in there. Oh, MAKE it? Oh. Oh. Ok.")

So how about it, you gonna Make It Happen Monday?? Link on up with Ammie!


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