Menu Plan Monday

Well, it's pretty much the official final week of the Pantry Challenge, but like I've said, it's going a little longer for our household as we haven't gotten as much cleared out as anticipated.

So here's what we are having this week ... if you are in a rut and need some fresh ideas, hop on over to Menu Plan Monday at Organizing Junkie ... hundreds of others are linking up and sharing! It's not a very exciting week and I don't see anything really happening at work or school so I'm keeping it simple for my sanity!

Monday - Paninis and soup. Ummm, probably canned soup at that, sorry. The sandwiches will be made with lunchmeat from the freezer, cheese from the fridge, and plain old ordinary sandwich bread.

Tuesday - Sour cream enchiladas ... going to check out PW's recipe on this one. (NEED SOUR CREAM!)

Wednesday - lasagna (getting rid of that big box from the freezer, at last!) with some crusty garlic bread and green salad on the side.

Thursday - Leftovers and/or soup, sandwiches or salads (will make some olive-y garden dressing and breadsticks if needed (crescents are all that's left I think??)

Friday - Friends are coming over and I'm anticipating making some chicken on the grill with some taters.

Saturday - Macaroni and Cheese and either smoked sausage OR kiabalsi
Sunday - homemade pizzas, no wings are left so just a green salad along side, maybe some breadsticks if so inclined?

What would I need from the store? Sour cream. Loaf of italian bread (unless I make my own), breadsticks, (again, unless I make my own)...I think that would pretty much be it?


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