How the goals are coming along...

Remember, I never really listed any of my goals ... but there are a few obvious things, such as save 20% of my income, pantry/freezer challenge and of course, be a little healthier.

Yeah, I'm doing somewhat ok...for the most part.

Pantry Challenge ... staying focused by posting an update every three days. That does keep me accountable and I definitely keep checking over at Good Cheap Eats to see how they are doing (better than me, that's for sure!) ... I did have a moment (or two) shopping and well, believe I may just extend this right into February. How bad can it possibly be?? The freezers were looking better until that Monday.

20% of income saved. I should note, this is 20% of MY income. Hubby already contributes his max to the 401 and that is fine by me. I am the one that can spend all my dollars without even batting an eyelash (there, I SAID it. I'm a spendthrift at heart) so for me to commit to 20% to savings and STICK with it is stellar.  Of course, during the Monday spending spree, I had to move some funds out of the savings to the checking to cover a bill pay that was set up previously, that money has been moved back to the savings account. How much do I have so far this year? $700 and change. Woohoo. That does make me happy and hopefully I will stick with it. I'm not really doing anything different except NOT shopping at the store one or two, or even three times a week, and that's not just GROCERIES, we are talking Target, Goodwill, etc. I don't need anything, NO I DON'T!!

Healthier eating and exercising. Yes, again, I'm fairly proud of myself. I've been posting over here the daily workout plans. I've had a few people ask if I've lost some weight. I don't believe so, I have NOT weighed myself yet but plan to do so on Monday the 24th. I think maybe at this point I'm just firming up...and making the blood flow so it does make me a little more "radiant".  I should not make an issue of weight as I really would like to just lose 10 lbs and get back to a comfortable size 8 instead of borderline size 10 (please, I KNOW this is nothing). I want this more than anything so I don't have to buy new clothes (and spend more money!!!). I've been doing well with the veggies (salads) and leaner meats and such. I've tried (oh my have I) to eliminate the sweet tooth situation I have but until the kids are OUT OF THE HOUSE I will always have chocolate and other sweets around to say, yummm, that sounds good (Nutty Buddy bars anyone??)  But still, I'm trying and have gotten the Healthy Choice Fudge Bars to be my choice.

I am linking up with Jessica on Frugal Friday's over at Life As Mom.


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