Close to Panic we've sort of, kind of fell off the menu plan this week (see the past 3 days of pantry challenge!) and last night, after Hubby had a huge green salad with the works and I had my nachos, Sonny Boy strolled by and asked what was for dinner? (!!!!????) ... somehow this kid gets his timing JUST RIGHT.

Told him to fend for himself. Soup? Grilled Cheese? Mac and Cheese (freezer) etc. No, no and NO. He wanted Spaghetti.

Not the short noodles.

Not the curly ones.

Don't even think of them funky bowties ones mom.

The long stringy ones. You know, that you have to twirl around your fork? Oh. Ok.

Hmmm ... I have NO SPAGHETTI left. How about some lasagna? That was on the menu plan :)

So, now I have to "watch" for a decent sale on spaghetti to buy a few boxes. Ho hum. If that's the worse of this pantry challenge, I'm in!


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