Pantry Challenge - Days 25, 26 and 27

Technically this should be it...but as I've said, I'm dragging it into February. Suck it up family, we NEED to do this!

Tuesday, the 25th day - ahhh... breakfast, bagel with cream cheese and yogurt for Sonny Boy, Hubby had the cheerios and a small container of cottage cheese, I had ::gasp:: BK drive through for $4.45 ... princess had?, lunch was green salad and tuna fish salad for Hubby and I, Sonny Boy had the PB and Nutella sandwich with fruit snacks and juice, Princess had Taquitos (and totally looked right past the rice), dinner was to have been enchiladas and rice but by the time I got home from the store (yes, $8 later on my gift card) and cleaned up the kitchen from the Princess (??!!) I was too lazy, so the kids had the rest of the box of Taquitos, Hubby and I had salad and leftover burgers (no buns) from the other night.

Wednesday - breakfast for Sonny Boy, bagel with cream cheese and yogurt, Princess, breakfast sandwich, same for me to avoid the damn BK drive through, Hubby had the L.A.S.T. of the Cheerios (have not broken the news to him), lunch for Sonny Boy was same as yesterday, Princess had a mixup of stuff tossed in her backpack (including the crappy Honest Kids stuff, thank you!), Hubby and I both had salads with remainder of tuna salad, dinner was Tijiana Flats ... I was tired. I was hungry. I was lazy ... need I say much more?

Thursday - Breakfast for me and the kids were the same, Hubby had ::gasp:: Special K "with berries" ... lunch was usual for kids, I had a salad and hubby did too. Dinner was, finally, to be some enchiladas. BUT who wold have thought. Of course, I got home late again from work, and was tired, just wanted a nice glass of wine and no grief...not the way it went down, let me tell ya. Everyone was on a fend for yourself mode and OMG I don't have any regular spaghetti! Crisis!

I did go to the store and spent $38 for a loaf of bread, 2 coffees, 2 cat litters (!!), 5 lbs of clementines, bananas, salad stuff an doritos (remember, we have NO snacks).


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