Using up those leftovers

We make a lot of food for Thanksgiving.


2 10.5 lb turkeys

3 5 lb turkey breasts

10 lbs of mashed taters

2 tins of stuffing

1 dozen eggs, deviled

tin of three corn casserole

and then the rest of the snacky things.

ALL of this was transported to our friends who live up the road about 8 blocks.



Reloaded at the end of the night.

Ok, not ALL of it, but a lot :)

Well, all 5 turkeys came home with us because they also fried 4 ... we love our turkeys!

So. I forgot to take the eggs. In all the hassle excitement of loading the truck, someone forgot to open the fridge and grab the eggs last. Oh well. Could have come back home and picked them up but we had so much food already.

Kathy had a ham, stuffing, 1 roasted turkey and one fried turkey, sweet taters, cranberry sauce (and this jar of stuff from IKEA!), cheese ball and crackers, green bean casserole and ohhhh so much more.

So we have A LOT of food to eat. And I figured I may as well start first thing eliminating some of them ...

I started off this morning with breakfast of deviled eggs and a slice of ham ... pretty tasty although I should have the let the eggs sit a bit to take the chill off (heated the ham for a few minutes in a skillet).

Hubby will have stuffing fried (heated) up in a skillet and he will more than likely toss some turkey and gravy over the top for a corned turkey hash :) That's just my thing I call it (I HATE corned beef hash, he LOVES it ... ick, dog food!)

The kids will probably just eat a bagel and some deviled eggs. WHEN they get up (and I'm sure I will hear whining about the eggnog being gone) ...

Oh, dinner tonight? That will be Hot Browns. Oh yum. I'm so looking forward to that!

So what are you doing with all your leftovers?

Being that it's Friday and a Frugal Friday at that, come on over and link up at Life As Mom ...


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