Severely Restricted Spending (yeah, another post!)

So far, this SRS stuff hasn't been too bad ...except Hubby took my SUV today to have a tire looked at (it's wobbly) and they all determined that it was perfectly round and needed to be replaced (as it's not a radial tire, it's not like a belt is slipping but the same concept) ... so we can't buy just one tire BECAUSE we have to be special people and have special order tires on all vehicles.

So now Hubby is driving to SOUTH Miami (um, sorry, but it's like another country) and he's buying a set of 4 new to me tires that came off a 2010 SUV. Guy did the same thing we did and upgraded his tires, only he's smart in selling the other ones for $500.

Hopefully, Hubby can sell mine, with custom rims for about $400 and then I only spend $100 for new tires. Yeah, they won't look as nice, but at least I won't have a wobbly steering wheel when I go over 30 miles per hour.

So ... again, other than that, its not been a big deal.

Here's some of my future thoughts and plans which kind of falls into the Monday List stuff ...

1. Inventory all 3 freezers. Really. Take inventory. Tally WHAT I have.
2. Inventory pantry in main kitchen, cabinets in guest kitchen and canned good area. Really, again, take inventory and tally ALL.
3. Make a calendar for the remainder of the month. Pencil in Hubby's bday (21st), Thanksgiving (25th) and travel days for Hubby (week of the 15th).
3. Based on the above three results, make a menu for the remainder of the month. Really, do that.
4. Add in all the sides and veggies IF I'm so inclined (Not likely, but hey, if I'm really following my list ... )
5. Post, both on the blog (here) and on the fridge.
6. And just for kicks, calculate just how much money I've saved by doing this. Or, even better, calculate how money I have in my freezers and cabinets.

So a little flip but heck, I gotta do this.  I can NOT spend any additional money on incidentals this month. I just don't have it to spend.

The good thing about doing this, hopefully, is to clear out the freezers and pantry and such. I have so much stuff shoved into every little opening it's not even funny. Yet, someone always says "there's nothing to eat around here" uggg.

So what are you doing to save money this month? Hop over to Jessica's site and link up with the Frugal Friday group!


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